Revol Revisit

Other than Project 944, it’s been some time since i last sent my car into Revol for any bodywork. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because they aren’t competent, quite the opposite really, they are really excellent. But mostly to do with my old 5er not really requiring anything that i felt needed looking at. Sure […]

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おはよう Tokyo, it’s good to be back! I know i know, it’s been only slightly over a year since we’ve last visited this bustling capital but i still absolutely love it. This time, it’s back to the good ‘ol Tokyo Auto Salon for a short 4 day weekend getaway before grabbing a flight back home. […]

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Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Trip

While writing up my recap for 2016, i realised i never got to doing a writeup on our fantastic Melbourne vacation which we undertook back in end July/early August. Right towards the end of the Aussie Winter season, which meant less crowds and for us warm-weathered living-on-the-equator-folk, a much cooler climate for travelling. Maybe one […]

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