Energized aesthetics: Driving the Mini Electric Resolute Edition

ˈRɛzəluːt Determined in character, action, or ideas: Perfectly apt words to describe the current third generation of Mini hatchbacks as they head into 10 years of cheerful motoring adventures ever since their conception, making the F-chassis series of cheeky runabouts the longest cars in production ever since BMW took the helm. We might not have […]

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Project 2002: Guess not

Welp! Turns out the previous shipment of parts was probably nowhere near the last as another issue cropped up soon after dropping off my Webers. Cue exhibit A: Notice anything amiss? Yup, my brand-new Weber 32/36 will not fit my intake manifold! While this could have been a mistake on my part, it really wasn’t, […]

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Freude am Fahren: Driving the BMW G42 M240i xDrive Coupe in Singapore

There is no doubt we are living in rather daunting times, having just pulled ourselves through the worst (fingers crossed) of a global pandemic, we had hoped to see light at the end, but now, saddled with constantly unresolved conflicts around the world and an ever-changing climate upending the global economy and supply chains, inflation […]

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