Project 944: Mellow Yellow

Due to a check engine light showing up on our daily driver 1-Series, we had to drop by the workshop once again. Since we were there, i took some extra pics of our project 944, while nothing has been done so far due to an impending long weekend holiday, i at least got to see […]

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Project 944: Wheels & Tyres

Just a week ago, the wheels of Project 944 were removed and sent to the paint shop. Today, it’s time to collect them and get new rubber fitted before we deliver them back to R2D once again. When we first delivered them to our favorite body/paint shop, Revol, we discovered that not only were the […]

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Entry Level: Tomica Limited Vintage 1/64 Porsche 912 “Aichi Prefecture Freeway Police”

While entry into the World of air-cooled Porsche 911s is currently a rather expensive one, this wasn’t always the case, with many turning a blind eye to these rear engined sports cars from Stuttgart as recently as maybe 5 years back. Back then, vintage 911s were still somewhat of an oddity and bargains could be […]

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Project 944: In the beginning…

I previously mentioned in an earlier post about a secret project that we’ll be embarking on for at least the first half of 2016, ladies and gents, i present to you, Project 944. More accurately, Project 944 Turbo. To be honest, it was something that was casually mentioned to my other half and for some […]

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