Project 2002: There she goes!

Quick update! With the (hopefully) last batch of parts delivered by way of a very useful electric Mini, there seems to have been a decent amount of progress made on the 02. Enough for her to finally be lowered off the lift… …before being sent off to the machining shop for a brand new frame […]

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Project 2002: 4(ish) Months in

Yup! It’s been slightly over 4 months since I last drove my little ’02 and because the workshop is somewhat of a drive away (relatively speaking), and being lazy, I’ve not been putting in much effort documenting what was supposed to be a “simple refresh”. This is no Project 944 but the end-game for this […]

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Ripple for change: Introducing Pebble-Chan, the Volvo XC40 T5 Recharge.

In my previous post, I mentioned that we were headed onto more years of XC40 motoring. While that isn’t entirely untrue, it wasn’t entirely accurate as sadly, after slightly over 3 years of happy memories with “小白” our white T5 Momentum XC40, she traded in for another XC40, Pebble-grey T5 Recharge PHEV aptly named “Pebble-Chan”. Why […]

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Which led to this…

With the decision made to relieve myself from the pain of Alfa Romeo ownership, a deal was struck to trade “Snowflake” in for “Baby-G” the VW Polo GTi! For those who’ve followed our automotive journey, you’d know that we’ve previously had a Polo many years ago, it was a 1.2 litre Mk.4. It wasn’t in […]

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