Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2017: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet-Part 2, Level Up.

Now that we’ve explored the first deck, it’s time to continue speedhunting by heading up a deck. With time not that much on my side (i was heading back to Haneda to pick up my lost luggage and return back into town before the last trains depart), i had to work fast (and furiously!) hahaha… Sorry…

 photo P1020232.jpg

Judging by the cars that have parked up here and those that we’d discover at the Auto Salon, there does seem be a huge renewal of interest in Japanese sports cars from the late 80s through to the 90s, led by none other than the Godzillas of course. Of course we all know why, those were the glory days of the JDM speed machines.

 photo P1020167.jpg

Not a very obvious choice by most but it’s good to see the Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO get some love.

 photo P1020171.jpg

Skylines and Supras were always the pinnacle of the JDM movement in my opinion. I’d sure love to have one. Save for the scuffed front lip, this one looks particularly clean and rather sinister in its black on black ensemble.

 photo P1020187.jpg

Speaking of black on black. Fairladies seem to pull off the flared arch look rather well. Perhaps because they already come stock with some wide hips.

 photo P1020182.jpg

Rocket Bunny Fairlady. Fierce!

 photo P1020179.jpg

Looking straight like something off the TAS showfloor.

 photo P1020200.jpg

This Maserati also looked like it was on display at a previous TAS’s Liberty Walk booth!

 photo P1020190.jpg

Continuing the wide fender look is this Lexus IS-F. Very aggressive.

 photo P1020175.jpg

STI going low down as well.

 photo P1020172.jpg

Civic Coupe, can’t say i see much of these around.

 photo P1020194.jpg

Another clean Supra! On stock wheels no less. My guess is that with those Y-plates, this is going to be shipped to the US in due time.

 photo P1020197.jpg

When your overfenders are just not wide enough.

 photo P1020191.jpg

Suzuki Alto Works, i really like it. Though not many people paid any attention to it, i think it’ll be quite a fun car to potter around town in.

 photo P1020213.jpg

 photo P1020204.jpg

Namie Chan themed Honda Mobilio. Because Japan.

 photo P1020210.jpg

Even has her autograph!

 photo P1020208.jpg

 photo P1020216.jpg

Once again, because Japan. I call it, the Keiju!

 photo P1020219.jpg

This rusty thing is not really my cup of tea but to each his own. As long as the owner is having fun!

 photo P1020233.jpg

3rd Gen Supras, like the Mitubishi GTOs don’t seem get as much love. I think they are under appreciated.

 photo P1020239.jpg

Fun fact, the first time i saw one of these, was back when i first visited Japan in 1998. I had no idea what these “Type R”s were back then.

 photo P1020240.jpg

Evo III. Great looking even when stock. Lovely example.

 photo P1020244.jpg

Keeping it clean seems to be a (great) trend. Can’t believe this body design is now over 20 years old. Still looks so good.

 photo P1020252.jpg

I think i saw something like this back in the TAS carpark back in 2012.

 photo P1020247.jpg

Accord wagons look great. This one more so.

 photo P1020258.jpg

Bippus seem to be getting less popular. Maybe sports cars are making a comeback?

 photo P1020269.jpg

 photo P1020273.jpg

 photo P1020278.jpg

When onikyan is life!

 photo P1020249.jpg

The above shows what happens when car guys go window shopping.

 photo P1020296.jpg

 photo P1010861.jpg

Let’s finish off Part 2 with some interesting characters i came across when walking around! So strange to finally see the Super Street staff after looking at their faces in the magazine for so long! I want those jackets!

Stay tuned, i think you guys will like Part 3 & 4 & 5! Auto Otaku forever!!!


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