A BMW E10 (and ex BMW E30, E34, E36 and 944 Turbo) owner. I don’t really have my own garage but I thought “Garage36” sounded cool and was seemed rather apt as I had my E36 at the time.

This blog started out to chronicle my misadventures with BMW ownership and eventually evolved to document my automotive-centric trip to Japan and the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2010! (And 2012!) (And 2015!) (and 2017!) before evolving once again to now showcasing pretty much anything i find interesting as an auto-otaku. I also help out at the local BMW enthusiast club with writeups and testdrives too!

Initially starting out with Blogspot in 2010, i have shifted over to WordPress in 2015.

Outside of this hobby-ist blog, I am currently employed as a Senior Experience Designer in the local automotive industry. Once in a while, I get to contribute an article or two to Top Gear Singapore. Once in a longer while, I help to organise a car meet.

Thanks for reading!


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