Project 944 Turbo Redux

What does one do when you have the keys to a recently refurbished and rather pretty Porsche 944 Turbo but nowhere to go? You head out, and take pictures. She isn’t perfect, but the best of us aren’t either. Long live the transaxle. Advertisements

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Breakfast run

When a friend suggested a quick breakfast run over the weekend, i thought it would have been the perfect excuse to exercise the Transaxle’s legs. But of course the car had other plans… No, that’s not oil. That’s fuel. Don’t worry, it has since been fixed (after relieving itself of about a quarter tank of […]

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Project 944: Inner Workings

It’s been a couple of weeks since Project 944’s back on the road and i’m happy to report, she still smells of burnt oil and exhaust gases and she still pops herself out of second gear every now and then. I did manage to bring the car out for breakfast with a couple of friends […]

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Project 944: A New Day

It has been a while since i last updated about Project 944 and truth be told, i’ve been pretty hesitant to post any updates. This project has been ongoing for over a year and although i’m happy to announce the car is finally road legal, it has not exactly been a smooth ride so far. […]

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