Project 2002: Step by step

I totally get it, it’s a process. In every project such as this, there are bound to be setbacks, delays and unforeseen issues cropping up ever so often. That said, I still can’t help but feel a sense of anxiety, despair and disappointment whenever a particularly major one rears its ugly head. Since I was […]

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Project 2002: Back in the air

Yes, we’re slowly but surely getting there. Having had her engine bay painted and various chassis bits cut out and replaced with fresh metal, it was time to shift the project back into the workshop for numerous other things to be sorted out before a final trip to the bodyshop for paint work in her […]

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Project 2002: Rusty McRustface

Turns out the little 02 is a wee bit more corroded than we initially thought and the original plan to replace just one of the frame rails has somewhat expanded a little. You can even spot hints of the original Golf Yellow paint underneath. Guess these panels have not seen daylight for the past 45 […]

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Project 2002: There she goes!

Quick update! With the (hopefully) last batch of parts delivered by way of a very useful electric Mini, there seems to have been a decent amount of progress made on the 02. Enough for her to finally be lowered off the lift… …before being sent off to the machining shop for a brand new frame […]

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Project 2002: 4(ish) Months in

Yup! It’s been slightly over 4 months since I last drove my little ’02 and because the workshop is somewhat of a drive away (relatively speaking), and being lazy, I’ve not been putting in much effort documenting what was supposed to be a “simple refresh”. This is no Project 944 but the end-game for this […]

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Neue Sensation: 1973 BMW 2002

It’s quite hard to imagine it today but back in the post-war era of the late 1950s, BMW was in dire straits. Their cars were either outdated, too expensive or simply not making enough money to keep the ailing manufacturer afloat. Even though the Bavarians had some new models on the drawing board, they simply […]

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