Project 2002: Time Extended

I guess by now you would have noticed from the images that no, Project 2002 will not be done by the end of 2022. It is unfortunate, but these things do happen and it’s all good. While the car still looks like a hot mess, the main issues that require sorting out really have to […]

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Project 2002: Guess not

Welp! Turns out the previous shipment of parts was probably nowhere near the last as another issue cropped up soon after dropping off my Webers. Cue exhibit A: Notice anything amiss? Yup, my brand-new Weber 32/36 will not fit my intake manifold! While this could have been a mistake on my part, it really wasn’t, […]

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Project 2002: Coco be wear

I know, I know, if you think it still looks pretty much the same as before, you’re right! While not that much has progressed since my last update, there is some good news in the fact that with manpower issues slowly starting to resolve themselves, work has once again restarted on the ’02. While it […]

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Project 2002: You better Work

It has been quite some time since I last updated anything with regards to the ’02 and today’s not really going to be different, with Covid pretty much crippling the workshop my 2002 is currently sitting in, it doesn’t seem like the car will be back together anytime soon. On a much brighter note though, […]

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Project 2002: Step by step

I totally get it, it’s a process. In every project such as this, there are bound to be setbacks, delays and unforeseen issues cropping up ever so often. That said, I still can’t help but feel a sense of anxiety, despair and disappointment whenever a particularly major one rears its ugly head. Since I was […]

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Project 2002: Back in the air

Yes, we’re slowly but surely getting there. Having had her engine bay painted and various chassis bits cut out and replaced with fresh metal, it was time to shift the project back into the workshop for numerous other things to be sorted out before a final trip to the bodyshop for paint work in her […]

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