TOKYO AUTO-OTAKU 2017: Daikanyama & T-Site

Taking a break from our Fresh Meet updates, let’s take a walk through one of my favourite places in Tokyo. Whilst i don’t really consider myself a seasoned Tokyo traveller, this is a place i’d always enjoy returning to, Daikanyama.

 photo P1060459.jpg

With my current apartment located smack in Ebisu and within a comfortable walking distance to Daikanyama, i visited this beautifully curated piece of Tokyo twice during my short Tokyo stay.

 photo P1060518.jpg

When most people think of Tokyo, the first things that come to mind are probably mental images of a bustling high-tech metropolis filled with massive crowds, Sushi, GTRs and Kirara Asuka. While all those might be true, there are also parts of Tokyo where the pace of life is decidedly slower. Parts of Tokyo where aesthetics take center stage, where the beauty of yesterday meets the modernity of today. This is one of those places, and it’s only a couple of stops away from the crazed crowds that throng Shibuya and Harajuku.

 photo P1060465.jpg

 photo P1060458.jpg

Here, little boutique hole in the wall stores sit side by side next to big international brands and home-grown designer labels. Each shop beautifully curated in both architectural aesthetics and the products they carry.

 photo P1010370.jpg

 photo P1010369.jpg

Just a note, these aren’t exactly bargain hunter friendly. Visiting during seasonal sale periods do turn up some pretty good buys. Like a winter coat for when your checked-in luggage never made it to your destination. (Thanks Thaiair once again! I just had to say it.)

 photo P1010396.jpg

Giving myself more time to wander the streets of Daikanyama (after purchasing a new winter coat) also meant having the opportunity to sample the cafes that i used to walk by. Like “Sign Cafe”, situated right outside Daikanyama station. It’s usually rather crowded on evenings and weekends but happily, there was plenty of space for a very pleasant weekday lunch. The food and coffee was great and really set the mood for a relaxed walk around the neighbourhood. I can’t believe i used to just walk past this place without giving it a try.

 photo P1060466.jpg

 photo P1010403.jpg

For the Auto-Otakus, there’s always something interesting in the area.

 photo P1010374.jpg

Of course no jaunt to Daikanyama is ever complete without a visit to T-Site. The most beautiful bookstore in Tokyo. At least i think so.

 photo P1010404.jpg

Obviously, i’m not that big a fan of traditional books, but i do love cars, and if you have the slightest interest in automobiles, then you might like their automotive section.

 photo P1010379.jpg

This really is a part of the bookstore that’s made for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. It’s beautiful. They rotate the items they have on display quite often, so the next time you see it, it’ll probably be showing something else. On this occasion, they had a vintage Japan built tractor that produced under license from Porsche. It’s supposedly really rare and if you are into tractors, it’s also for sale.

 photo P1010375.jpg

For those with not that much space for a tractor, you can get these amazingly detailed paper craft models. I personally don’t think my fingers have the dexterity for building anything remotely close to that.

 photo P1010381.jpg

 photo P1010382.jpg

I like to pop by the vintage brochure section just to have a look-see look-see. Passed up on the 280ZX booklet once again. 4000Yens is sadly, not an easy amount of money to part with for a small piece of automotive history. Perhaps if it’s still there the next time.

 photo P1010389.jpg

This Koenig brochure was over 10,000Yens. It must be really rare, i mean, how many Koenigs Specials were ever made?

 photo P1010385.jpg

 photo P1010386.jpg

 photo P1010388.jpg

 photo P1010391.jpg

A treasure trove of automotive literature, choose your favourite vintage.

 photo P1010393.jpg

I was very tempted until i saw the price tag. Close to 7,000Yen for this Idlers cap!

 photo P1010384.jpg

T-Site also has other ongoing exhibits not related to cars of course, this week, they had a Bowie exhibition. These original photographic prints were for sale. Don’t ask about the prices. My eyes bled.

 photo P1060482.jpg

If all that reading and poking around the bookstore has got you hungry or tired, i’d strongly recommend Ivy’s Place. A cafe situated within the same compound. It’s a great place for a weekend brunch and unlike most other places in Tokyo, they open really really early at 7am! Perfect for those people flying in early and with no where yet to go. The food’s fab too.

 photo P1060474.jpg

On weekends, a farmers market sometimes sprouts out for the local (upscale-ish) residents who happily bring along their dogs. Did i mention T-site has a pet store, groomer, vet, and a mini dog run as well? Don’t you love it already?

 photo P1010405.jpg

While T-site holds a fantastic cars and coffee meet every other week, this being Tokyo, there will always still be something to see in the carpark regardless.

 photo P1060477.jpg

A Skyline R32 GTR on R34 wheels.

 photo P1060501.jpg

Lotus Elise. Japanese love British sports cars.

 photo P1060505.jpg

 photo P1060507.jpg

BMW i3. Perfect for Tokyo if you asked me. I wish these things caught on more, they drive really well.

 photo P1060499.jpg

If you asked me, i think the highlight of the carpark this morning belongs to this Lotus Cortina. I’ve never seen one in real life before.

 photo P1060490.jpg

 photo P1060511.jpg

They really do love their cars.

 photo P1060492.jpg

 photo P1060513.jpg

 photo P1060487.jpg

Hopefully next time i can make it one of their morning meets!


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