Project 944: Prep zone

After an expensive lesson in learning that not all 944 front nose panels are the same, i went over to Revol over the weekend to take a look at the car and drop off the newly arrived Turbo front panel. Project 944 was undergoing some final prep work for paint. If thing go to plan, […]

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Project 944: Move along

It’s been quite a while since i last updated on Project 944 and to be honest, this project has so far been a lot more heartache than joy. The massive list of parts, the delays and the additional gremlins that continually pop up really does make it feel like for every step forward we take, […]

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Cars & Kopi – Autumn 2016

It’s pretty much Mid Autumn festival time for all of us in Singapore, but while everyone else was busy wolfing down the latest snow-skinned mooncake creation or playing with their lanterns, our good friends over at Nostalgic Garage opened their doors to host the September edition of Cars & Kopi! Sadly, the heavens opened up and […]

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