Boombayah: Driving the BMW iX xDrive40

Blackpink’s addictively catchy Boombayah introduced the world to a revolutionary Korean-pop group whose popularity would soon rocket towards the stratosphere, a strong synth-heavy dance track filled with hard-hitting bass notes, rapid-fire lyrics and ground shaking choruses. And as I felt each and every pulsating drum beat reverberate through my body with 560 watts of power courtesy of […]

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Circuiting into the City: Driving the all-electric BMW G08 iX3

There’s no denying it, the automotive landscape is undergoing a strong undercurrent of change that is at once hopeful, intriguing and exciting. Building on their years of research and development since the i3, the iX3’s launch in Singapore also heralds the arrival of BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive technology. With these rapidly evolving technological breakthroughs, we are finally […]

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