Project Mark II: Workin’ it

Since getting the Mark II mopped up and coated, there hasn’t really been much else going on with regards to this vehicle save for the occasional drives I take it on. But I’m sure that now you know I’ve written this post, something must have been fiddled with (or had gone wrong), and you are […]

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Project Mark II: Purple Reign

So with the car out for a good short while, everything has been going pretty well with nothing untoward to report (fingers crossed) since my last post on project slow rider. Though the numerous holograms and hairline scratches on the paint are starting to show just how bad a job the Bodyshop did on finishing […]

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Project Mark II: Spaced out

After a month in the workshop, Project Mark II is finally out and running that much better with fresh engine and gearbox oil, brand new front control arms, steering tie rods, rear toe arms and some brand new Teins. While I do wish the ride height could have gone even lower, I reckon it’s not […]

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Project Mark II: Let’s go!

Yes ladies and gents, my (really dirty) Toyota GX110 Mark II is somewhat going to be a project car. I say somewhat because this “build” other than the usual wear and tear maintenance bits is going to be heavily restricted by an ideally “modest” budget. Don’t expect it to be anywhere near what the BMW […]

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And finally this

It’s been months of futility searching for a Mini after my brief jaunts with a tragic Alfa 159 and VW Polo GTI with most of the cars I viewed having too dear an asking price coupled with much more work than I was comfortable with putting in or paying for. Nonetheless I continued to scan […]

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