Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2017: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet-Part 3, cult of JDM.

I know you guys must have been thinking (or at least i think you guys were thinking), “where were all the Skylines and Hachirokus???” Not to mention the other cult Japanese machines that showed up like a couple of NSX’s and numerous Roadsters(Miatas/MX5s). I just had to give them their own post.

 photo P1010658.jpg

With the R32s now legal for import into the States, it’s no surprise that many of the military personal stationed in Japan have snapped them up and why many have showed up at this meet! I wish i had one (or two). Values of R32s can only go up and i’d probably have to give up yet another dream machine.

 photo P1010637.jpg

If you asked me, it doesn’t get any more JDM than an R32 GTR. It’s just sooo iconic.

 photo P1010644.jpg

V-Spec II NUR. Original and rare.

 photo P1010680.jpg

Wangan warrior R33 on temp plates. I’m guessin it’s packin some big power under the bonnet.

 photo P1010804.jpg

 photo P1020055.jpg

 photo P1020070.jpg

 photo P1020112.jpg

So many San-nis!

 photo P1020300.jpg

GTA meets GTR. (Y plate again!)

 photo P1020235.jpg

Gorgeous San-ni on a choice set of wheels.

 photo P1020100.jpg

When a cold-air instake just won’t do! Those BBS LMs look good on everything!

 photo P1010953.jpg

 photo P1010954.jpg

R32 in full glorious Calsonic livery.

 photo P1010950.jpg

The interior was stripped down too! This is no aesthetics-only show car.

 photo P1020135.jpg

 photo P1020138.jpg

With values of R32s on the up, i think it’s making the R33s catch on as well. This generation of Skyline was what i grew up with on my Playstation, those Gran Turismo days, race a few races, throw everything on it, BAM! 1000 horsepower! I’m guessing it’s not that easy in real life.

 photo P1010822.jpg

Looking a little worse for wear.

 photo P1010964.jpg

 photo P1020096.jpg

 photo P1020255.jpg

Is the R34 the ultimate expression of the Skyline GTR? I think so, in a similar vein to the 993s of air-cooled Porsches. Whilst the latest GTRs boast shockingly unreal acceleration times and speeds, i think some of the GTR’s character was left behind when the R34 GTR ended production. These will surely be sought after in the days to come.

 photo P1010873.jpg

Whilst Skylines and Supras rein supreme in most part due their aftermarket appeal, there can only really be one true Japanese thoroughbred that came straight out of the box from the 90s era. NSX. Though these two have been tastefully fettled.

 photo P1010854.jpg

 photo P1010849.jpg

Can you believe this first appear back in 1990? That makes this design almost 27 years old! Modern cars can only dream of looking this good.

 photo P1020225.jpg

 photo P1020227.jpg

This or a Ferrari 348? What would you have chosen back in the 90s? How about today? Will the new hybrid NSX ever achieve the same cult status as the original Aryton Senna developed car? Once again, only time will tell. I’m not entirely convinced though.

 photo P1010554.jpg

 photo P1010558.jpg

Speaking of cult, you can’t get more cult than one of these. AE86. I’m noticing these gaining rapidly in values on used car sites as well. Perhaps so many got crashed that not many good ones are left anymore. Pity, time to strike yet another one off my list.

 photo P1010810.jpg

 photo P1010837.jpg

 photo P1010896.jpg

Some cleaner than others, but all probably cherished by their owners regardless of condition.

 photo P1010902.jpg

 photo P1010901.jpg

 photo P1020018.jpg

So many Hachis!

 photo P1020048.jpg

 photo P1020047.jpg

 photo P1020074.jpg

 photo P1020077.jpg

 photo P1020177.jpg

 photo P1020246.jpg

How will you like your 86 to be?

 photo P1020083.jpg

 photo P1020086.jpg

 photo P1020088.jpg

Real street fighter style 86.

 photo P1020093.jpg

 photo P1020089.jpg

Perfect looking Levin! Love!

 photo P1010671.jpg

 photo P1010732.jpg

There’s no denying that the World’s best selling two-seater sports car has massive appeal to almost all car enthusiast. Which means it didn’t take long for aftermarket junkies to get their hands on them!

 photo P1020221.jpg

Roadsters come in all shapes and flavours. Which is your favourite? Mine’s the latest RF. I just LOVE those rear buttresses. Gorgeous.

 photo P1020265.jpg

 photo P1020266.jpg

 photo P1010869.jpg

 photo P1010862.jpg

 photo P1010858.jpg

The new NDs seem to be rather popular in Japan too, although i’m not too sure how they’d drive with reduced suspension travel.

 photo P1010856.jpg

I guess the Japanese way of doing things is to go all the way or not at all.

 photo P1010977.jpg

Phat rubber.


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