Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2017: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet-///Midnight Special

Figuring that since this blog was first created to chronicle my misadventures pertaining to BMW E36 ownership, i thought it would be fair to give this E36 M3 i spotted at the meet its very own post. Wearing a full fat Sarto Racing/Rocket Bunny kit finished in Laguna Seca blue, what i initially thought was an exercise with wild aesthetic add-ons turned out to be an even more interesting car upon closer inspection. 

 photo P1010934.jpg

Big wide Rocket Bunny fenders wrapping around equally wide rubber.

 photo P1010929.jpg

Gone is the E36 M3 front bumper in order to fit the Sarto Racing/Rocket Bunny front lip add ons. I still find it a rather strange decision to have gone ahead with the kit design based on the stock front bumper instead of the M3 version. Though i think some more adventurous and talented owners have gone ahead and did some modifications to make it fit with the M front.

 photo P1010940.jpg

 photo P1010949.jpg

Have you ever seen wheels this wide on a street legal E36? Having missed out on the years this RB kit was displayed at TAS, neither have i.

 photo P1010927.jpg

With the bonnet open and on full display, it could only mean something special was resting inside. Check out that big Turbo and custom intake manifold strapped to the S50!

 photo P1010936.jpg

And if there are still any doubts of this car’s potential, i spotted a rather infamous sticker on the dashboard. 

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