Bimmermeet 2: Modernist

Having covered both the Old and Young timers, it’s time to move on towards the cars of a more recent era. Today, we cover the modern classics as well as the latest Ultimate Driving Machines from Bavaria. There were quite a number of first generation Z4s around and while this car’s design was initially quite […]

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: BMW

Now that i’ve gotten most of the JDMs covered, i think it’s time to start featuring the “Import” cars from the Auto Salon, and boy, there were a lot of imports this year. Though it’s not entirely surprising when you consider that the cars from Europe and Stateside have been growing in popularity year on […]

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BMW M2 lands in Singapore

While that plate on the car might read “The first-ever BMW M2 Coupe”, we all know that this is the successor to the future classic, BMW 1M Coupe. One of BMW M Division’s greats and already a highly sought after car in the used market. With might big shoes to fill, the M2 sure has […]

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