Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Trip

While writing up my recap for 2016, i realised i never got to doing a writeup on our fantastic Melbourne vacation which we undertook back in end July/early August. Right towards the end of the Aussie Winter season, which meant less crowds and for us warm-weathered living-on-the-equator-folk, a much cooler climate for travelling. Maybe one of you might find this writeup useful for future travels.

One of the highlights of the trip was of course, our Great Ocean Road drive. In a nutshell, this road trip saw us travel from the middle of Melbourne City, towards “London Bridge”, just after the town of Port Campbell. Thereafter we headed back towards Queenscliff where we boarded a ferry for a rather picturesque area of Mornington Peninsula. In total, we spent 5 days out on our road trip which was nice but i think maybe an extra day or two would have made it a more relaxing excursion. Especially given our accommodations.

 photo DSC01229.jpg

Day 1: Melbourne City > Geelong > Torquay > Lorne > Erskine Falls > Kennett River > Apollo Bay

Knowing it was going to be a rather long journey ahead, we started off rather early, setting off first thing in the morning to pick up our Nissan X-Trail from Hertz along Franklin Street in the middle of Melbourne City. I know it sounds rather silly but i was rather looking forward to driving the X-Trail, only thing was, when we reach the rental office, all X-Trails were booked out and i was offered an “equivalent” alternative, a Hyundai Tuscon.

No no no no no… There was no way i’m gonna take a Hyundai Tuscon for my epic road trip! With much to-and-fro-ing and a timely corporate discount option, we managed to get ourselves into an even more interesting car than an X-Trail. A nicely sized Nissan Pathfinder. It was quite a lot of car for just the two of us, perfect!

 photo 13908931_10157418520280604_2076376270214779561_o.jpg

With “TEBBEY” the Pathfinder aquired, we quickly made our way back to our Airbnb apartment, checked out and loaded all our luggage into the massive boot. First stop, breakfast at Aucuba Coffee Roasters. Excellent (healthy-style) food, and as always in Melbourne City, great coffee.

 photo Day_04_IMG_20160801_095256.jpg

With our tummies satisfied we headed off for our long drive, the weather was somewhat damp and wet but in our warm car fitted with a nice 3.5-liter V6, the going was smooth.

We trundled along the M1 highway, turning off to drive through the towns of Geelong, Torquay and Anglesea, with an occasional stop to take in the lovely views.

 photo DSC01245.jpg

 photo DSC01246.jpg

 photo DSC01254.jpg

 photo Day_04_IMG_20160801_141934.jpg

 photo DSC01261.jpg

Eventually, we reached Lorne just in time for a late lunch at The Bottle Of Milk. They serve superb burgers and amazing milkshakes. Well worth visiting if you’re ever in the area.

 photo DSC01264.jpg

The styling of the restaurant was some straight out of my interior magazines as well. Lovely.

 photo DSC01274.jpg

The town of Lorne has some interesting Wildlife too.

 photo DSC01328.jpg

Heading inland from Lorne, we drove up Erskine Falls road towards, you guessed it, Erskine Falls. Once we reached the end of the road, it was hiking all the way.

 photo DSC01301.jpg

 photo DSC01308.jpg

 photo DSC01314.jpg

The cool weather made the hiking and climbing down easy, but we were knackered on the return leg up. The view was totally worth the effort, and with the both of us having fun despite the physical pain, made it a truly memorable experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

With another hour or so of driving to go until we reach our Airbnb cabin in Apollo Bay, we headed off just as the rain began to descend on us. We made another detour along Kennett River, driving up the Grey River Road in search of Koalas and Kangaroos, we did sight a couple but we had to leave as it was getting dark, short winter days and all.

 photo DSC01337.jpg

 photo DSC01338.jpg

It was night by the time we reached our “Little beach house” Airbnb cabin, but just look at it! Fireplace and all. It was rather cold so we lit a fire and washed up before heading out for some dinner, which unfortunately given the time of day, meant Fish & Chips takeaway from the Apollo Bay Seafood Cafe. Nothing to write home about, but better than empty stomachs.

 photo Day_04_IMG_20160801_181334.jpg

The next morning, we awoke to a beautiful view right outside our bedroom and we could actually see what our cabin and its surroundings looked like… And so begins a new day.

 photo DSC01340.jpg

 photo DSC01345.jpg

Day 2: Apollo Bay > Maits Rest Rainforest Walk > Cape Otway > Gibson Steps > 12 Apostles > Loch Ard Gorge > Port Campbell > London Bridge > Apollo Bay

We had a number of stops to make on our list of “to go” places but before we headed back onto the Great Road, it was time for breakfast once again. With the Sun shining brightly, we proceeded towards Hello Coffee, a much raved about cafe on the internets, when we got there we immediately knew why. It was lovely.

 photo DSC01350.jpg

You had me at Hello!

 photo DSC01355.jpg

 photo Day_05_IMG_20160802_083532.jpg

The food, coffee and really the whole atmosphere was just fantastic. I wish i am there right now.

 photo DSC01357.jpg

Even if it means i sound like one of them ^

 photo DSC01362.jpg

First stop, Maits Rest rainforest walk, just the right thing to get rid of those breakfast calories.

 photo DSC01367.jpg

 photo DSC01373.jpg

Sublime, its like those indoor air-conditioned Gardens By The Bay forest enclosures, but for real reals. With no holiday crowds around, we had a really relaxing and peaceful stroll with only a couple of smiling locals passing our way. After we had our “rest”, we continued on towards Cape Otway and appropriately named Cape Otway Lightstation.

The drive towards the lighthouse was nice (with some Koala spotting along the way) but the endpoint felt somewhat touristy, needing a AU$19 fee to get in. Since we weren’t that interested in lighthouses, we visited their washrooms, relieved ourselves and returned back onto the Great Ocean Road, destination 12 Apostles (and everything else around it). Along the way we passed by Aire River, which was one of the places i looked at for our Airbnb stay. I think we made a better choice with our cabin.

 photo DSC01395.jpg

 photo DSC01401.jpg

Just before we reached the 12 Apostles, we made a stopover at Gibson Steps, where we yes, used the steps to head down the beach.

 photo DSC01403.jpg

 photo DSC01407.jpg

 photo DSC01410.jpg

 photo DSC01423.jpg

I’m not complaining.

 photo DSC01413.jpg

Neither was this fella.

 photo DSC01431.jpg

Beyond that vast stretch of Ocean, Antarctica. If you shuffle left a little, you might land in Tasmania first. A short drive later, we reached the 12 Apostles viewing area.

 photo DSC01434.jpg

Great weather today. In an effort to outrun a busload of noisy tourist, we quickly made our way towards the next stop, Loch Ard Gorge.

 photo 13995452_10157418518965604_807031150228572682_o.jpg

So named because a ship named the Loch Ard ran aground on nearby Muttonbird Island in 1878 approaching the end of a three-month journey from England to Melbourne. From Loch Ard, we headed towards the town of Port Campbell for yet another late lunch at yet another unmemorable restaurant. So unmemorable i cannot even recall its name.

Late lunch over and done with we popped over the visitor center to enquire about penguin spotting. Our Airbnb cabin has provided us with some neat binoculars which made for great wildlife spotting.

 photo 13908904_10157418519035604_6430625205964177828_o.jpg

 photo DSC01473.jpg

A short drive and a couple of rainbows later, we reached London Bridge, our end point for this leg of the journey. It was also where we set up camp for some penguin spotting.

 photo DSC01459.jpg

 photo DSC01470.jpg

Lovely and picturesque isn’t it? Then it the Sun began to set and we waiting for the penguins to show up… we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited until the Sun had left us and it was now dark, drizzling and getting really cold. Still, no penguins!!!

With no one else around us and our surroundings going pitch black, we shaked our fists in the air and headed back to the Pathfinder for our drive back to Apollo Bay. Those penguins sure know how to pull a fast one.

 photo 14054526_10157418519105604_9188251715220639216_o.jpg

Knowing that the local Pub in Apollo Bay was about to close in an hour, we high tailed Tebbey through the forested roads of the Great Ocean Road and arrived back in town just in time for the kitchen’s last order. It’s been a long but thoroughly enjoyable day.

 photo DSC01478.jpg

Rise and shine! Day 3 beckons!

 photo 14053748_10157418471555604_762824459535789414_o.jpg

Day 3: Apollo Bay > Kennett River > Lorne > Queenscliff > Sorrento > Mornington Peninsula

It’s been lovely and we really wished that we could have stayed another day, but on day 3, it was time to say goodbye to our “little beach house” and leave the Great Ocean Road. Our destination for today? Mornington Peninsula. Of course, we had breakfast once again at Hello Coffee. Because, why not?

 photo DSC01489.jpg

 photo DSC01485.jpg

The drive out of Apollo Bay was beautiful with the most amazing views ever. Salt spraying over the cliffs, waves crashing over one another. And tour buses heading against our direction of travel.

 photo DSC01509.jpg

Remember our previous Kennett River Koala spotting detour? Well, we had some time to spare and with the Sun now on our side, we decided to try doing some extra spotting once again!

 photo DSC01490.jpg

 photo DSC01506.jpg

 photo DSC01508.jpg

 photo DSC01517.jpg

This time we saw many! Some were moving about, while others were just lazing away. There were also a couple of Roos bouncing around when we were driving.

 photo 14054552_10157418518690604_95711919983198946_o.jpg

After our wildlife spotting escapade, we dropped by The Little Milk Bottle once again for a milkshake and toilet break. From hereon it was non-stop all the way to Queenscliff where we would catch a ferry that would bring us to the town of Sorrento on the opposite side of the bay.

 photo 13938329_10157415628240604_7053714357900502730_o.jpg

On the ferry we went. In good time too! Managing to get onto the 1pm ferry with just 10 minutes to spare.

 photo 13913622_10157418471570604_6151573959646241646_o.jpg

A short boat ride later, we berthed in the town of Sorrento.

 photo 14068467_10157415628185604_4419187302184724762_o.jpg

No, Tebbey the Pathfinder did not drive off the ferry and cross the water, i just found a nice place to take a cool photo. Careful with the parking brake. The weather over on this side of the pond was much milder with calmer waters and non of the giant crashing waves we saw from our previous days.

 photo 13995514_10157418519245604_1528771351535073534_o.jpg

We headed straight into town and had lunch at Nandos. It’s cheaper than what they charge here in Singapore.

 photo 13958272_10157418519250604_895700015676110687_o.jpg

 photo 14067799_10157418519505604_222552122738754331_o.jpg

Making a wrong U-turn, we ended up here… Sometimes the best surprises you come across are when you think you’ve goofed up. With evening approaching once again, it was time to locate our next Airbnb.

 photo 13913626_10157418519475604_3857590661408643584_o.jpg

 photo 13938185_10157415628420604_9190759755804722850_o.jpg

Just look at that Sunset…

Eventually we located our Airbnb home and if you thought our previous cabin was good, this new place is on a whole different level.

 photo 14053727_10157418519485604_893869612193270092_o.jpg

 photo 14047205_10157418577055604_8857857766759360913_o.jpg

 photo 13987380_10157418519650604_6552262912733631180_o.jpg

 photo 13987385_10157418519500604_5426263987963964493_o.jpg

It is amazeballs spectacular. I could stay here all day! Central heating, lots of space, a giant bathroom and the most friendly host ever. The is the best Airbnb home i’ve ever experienced, surpassing even some 5-star hotels i’ve stayed in. The host even has a big black lab which we sadly, did not get to play with. I’m two minds about sharing the listing, on one hand i’d love for the host to get more bookings, on another, i selfishly want to keep it all to myself! (I think as a compromise, if you are really keen, leave a comment below.)

With our belongings all shuffled in and having washed up, day 3 has come to a satisfying (but still tiring) end.

 photo 14066244_10157415628535604_6441183909461245508_o.jpg

Day 4: Mornington Peninsula

With most of our travelling done, we decided to spend day 4 exploring the Mornington Peninsula region. Taking in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes along the way. For those wondering what our fantastic abode looks like in the day time, have a look above.

 photo 14047129_10157418519700604_207350665127149672_o.jpg

 photo 13962873_10157418471560604_1565039309083303488_o.jpg

First things first, we headed over to a local cafe institution, Commonfolk Coffee, for our brekkie and cuppa. They make a most excellent breakfast.

 photo 14054558_10157418519925604_7234484997803368916_o.jpg

Right after breakfast, we went over to Heronswood Garden shop where Jamie proceeded to pick out a number of seeds.

 photo 13975461_10157418519915604_2301053020923224336_o.jpg

I guess this is her happy place.

 photo 13963062_10157418471685604_4880111126253457367_o.jpg

From here on, things became somewhat of a blur as we visited a number of wineries scattered across the entire peninsula, and engaged in the age old sport of wine tasting and cheese eating.

 photo 13995464_10157418519870604_4177773669787804815_o.jpg

 photo 14054480_10157418519855604_6691825804885573288_o.jpg

 photo 14067910_10157418520085604_171749411752373772_o.jpg

We finished off day 4 with an Italian dinner in town and headed back to our Airbnb to pack for our return leg back into Melbourne City.

 photo 14068487_10157415628615604_7218726429149325467_o.jpg

Day 5: Mornington Peninsula > Murrays Lookout > Cape Schanck Lighthouse > Flinders Blowhole > Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park > Melbourne City

While our objective of the day was to head back into Melbourne City, that didn’t mean we were not going to slot in some additional sights before we left the Peninsula.

 photo 14047153_10157418520825604_1885662687933106819_o.jpg

With our suitcases slotted back into Tebbey and a quick breakfast and coffee later, we charged up Arthur’s Seet Road towards Murray’s Lookout and the view from up above was just beautiful.

 photo 14068449_10157415628675604_459571901177645641_o.jpg

 photo 13987396_10157415628720604_7037558615628338386_o.jpg

We continued along Arthur’s Seet road and eventually reached a park where we spotted some Kangaroos, they were not very big and most of them were rather shy of us humans, preferring to bounce away when we approached.

 photo 13996153_10157418520330604_7557684534184402645_o.jpg

 photo 14068003_10157418520450604_926274660614714505_o.jpg

 photo 14066444_10157418520515604_8985238763208517463_o.jpg

The air up here was crisp and refreshing.

 photo IMG_20160805_121902.jpg

From Arthur’s Seet, we headed for lunch at Foxey’s Hangout. Another fantastic place i’d love to revisit. After lunch, we loaded up Tebbey with wine and drove on towards Cape Schanck Lighthouse. This one was free, so we walked around a bit.

 photo 14068375_10157418520655604_6560866898438423880_o.jpg

 photo 13996264_10157418520605604_1138554148879293518_o.jpg

From Cape Schanck, we proceeded to Flinders Blowhole. It looks a lot better than it sounds.

 photo 13937963_10157415628845604_5290659224408803059_o.jpg

 photo 13963100_10157418520685604_8884098753966229225_o.jpg

 photo 14068487_10157415629120604_3218463451883668604_o.jpg

On the edge of the World(ish).

 photo 14068478_10157415629150604_2195001903140383041_o.jpg

One last shot before we left the beautiful Peninsula.

 photo 13987601_10157418520715604_5193431676021248726_o.jpg

 photo 13995498_10157418520815604_4361568404495714091_o.jpg

Our final stop just before we get back into the City? The Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park. With time not exactly on our side, we didn’t get to stay very long, but we still managed to slot in a show and feed some cute little wallabies and friendly roos. Once done, it was time to jump back into Tebbey and hit the road back into Melbourne City and another Airbnb apartment.

 photo Day_08_IMG_20160805_175522.jpg

It might have only been 5 days, but what we saw and experienced on those days will last us a lifetime. Thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Trip

  1. Beautiful pictures! I can empathise with your incident at Hertz, and I’m glad you managed to secure an upgrade after all that trouble. I was just in Melbourne in December and drove the Great Ocean Road as well. Now I’m trying to work out how to write about it..

  2. Amazing trip! I will be vacationing in March and most probably Melbourne. Would love to know the amazeballs airbnb host listing! Family of 6. 🙂

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