Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2017: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet-Part 1, Ground Zero.

When car freaks from all over Japan (and the rest of the World) converge into one location in the middle of metropolis Tokyo for the annual automotive festival that is the Tokyo Auto Salon, you can expect many other fringe events and meets to happen along the way.

One of the biggest and most popular due to its easy accessibility is perhaps, Super Street Magazine and apparel brand Hardcore Tokyo’s Fresh Meet, held just a night before the doors of Makuhari Messe swing open for the main event.

 photo P1010524.jpg

Skipping RWB’s Roppongi meet, i made my way to Odaiba early to check out Toyota’s Megaweb (more on that in another post) and to grab a couple of shots before it gets crowded!

 photo P1010521.jpg

Turns out i wasn’t the only one wanting to be early. The popos had quite a presence this time around and were lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce.

 photo P1010528.jpg

 photo P1010529.jpg

 photo P1010536.jpg

 photo P1010538.jpg

Official call time for the event was 8pm but even arriving an hour early, most of the carpark lots on the lower deck were already filled up and in typical Japanese fashion, there were many many cars lined up waiting to get into the parking garage.

 photo P1010541.jpg

 photo P1010550.jpg

 photo P1010640.jpg

How does one start?

 photo P1010536.jpg

 photo P1010650.jpg

A non-stop stream of cars kept flowing in and parking lots were getting scarce.

 photo P1010545.jpg

 photo P1010546.jpg

Always good to see an E36. This one’s sitting on period ACS Type 1s.

 photo P1010652.jpg

 photo P1010651.jpg

 photo P1010656.jpg

Evergreen R32 with some tasty Nismo bits.

 photo P1010653.jpg

 photo P1010661.jpg

 photo P1010654.jpg

 photo P1010655.jpg

I’m seeing more 4th Gen Supras this time around in Tokyo. Will the new one co-developed with BMW ever achieve such cult acclaim? Only time will tell.

 photo P1010666.jpg

VW Corrado. I used to want one of these back in the day. I thought they looked cool.

 photo P1010791.jpg

Even a Peugeot 106 showed up!

 photo P1010669.jpg

I’m also guessing there are not many Hyundai Genesis Coupes running around Japan. Kudos on daring to be different.

 photo P1010677.jpg

 photo P1010676.jpg

On the topic of being different, have you ever seen this done to a Century? No you haven’t…

 photo P1010704.jpg

Nobody’s Perfect. No drift, no life! Words to live by.

 photo P1010689.jpg

 photo P1010848.jpg

 photo P1010715.jpg

 photo P1010697.jpg

 photo P1010682.jpg

With so many cars already in the area, it was almost impossible to pick which ones to take pictures of. So many cars, so little time and batteries.

 photo P1010680.jpg

 photo P1010693.jpg

The mad cars just kept rolling in.

 photo P1010705.jpg

Drivers began improvising on the shortage of lots. 🙂

 photo P1010701.jpg

We spotted this Aristo/GS sliding in earlier.

 photo P1010707.jpg

Advan Racing wheels FTW!

 photo P1010764.jpg

 photo P1010734.jpg

 photo P1010797.jpg

In Tokyo, low is the only way they roll.

 photo P1010760.jpg

Nice use of BMW M colors for the Studie logo.

 photo P1010804.jpg

 photo P1010821.jpg

 photo P1010822.jpg

 photo P1010845.jpg

 photo P1010898.jpg

80s/90s Nissans will forever rule the JDM street sports car World, no matter the condition.

 photo P1010665.jpg

No rear bumper? OK!

 photo P1010834.jpg

 photo P1010832.jpg


 photo P1010817.jpg

Great looking Kouki!!!

 photo P1020003.jpg

 photo P1010906.jpg

 photo P1010826.jpg

 photo P1010830.jpg

 photo P1010838.jpg

 photo P1010841.jpg

Street sliders with some showing visible battle scars.

 photo P1010872.jpg

 photo P1010876.jpg

Yes we are still on the first level of the parking garage.

 photo P1010889.jpg

The Hardcore crew and their powerhouses.

 photo P1010891.jpg

 photo P1010890.jpg

 photo P1010909.jpg

 photo P1010910.jpg

Wangan-spec posse.

 photo P1010892.jpg

Hardcore dori dori!

 photo P1020019.jpg


 photo P1010925.jpg

Check out the Harley Quinn-esque paint in the engine bay!

 photo P1010917.jpg

 photo P1010922.jpg

I know there’s a Pink Panther inside but i think the colors resemble Harley Quinn’s hair more right?

 photo P1010921.jpg

Right next to the mad Harley Quinn engine bay’ed Cima, we have a Kei car from Daihatsu. i THINK it’s a Mira, (edit, It’s a Daihatsu Esse. Thanks to homeforsummer from the GTplanet forums!) but they made so many different Keis it’s hard to keep track. This one has a beautiful set of Work Equips slapped on. Choice!

 photo P1010648.jpg

Speaking of wheels, how about these 3SDMs? Pricey!

 photo P1020024.jpg

Even Nissan March’s get the custom treatment here.

 photo P1010946.jpg

When you’re going fast, you don’t look back!

 photo P1010989.jpg

 photo P1020001.jpg

 photo P1010998.jpg

Mercury Crew arrived in style.

 photo P1010964.jpg

 photo P1010969.jpg

Only in Japan.

 photo P1010967.jpg

 photo P1010973.jpg

 photo P1010974.jpg

Onikyan EVO from Freakin Works crew. Crazy.

 photo P1010981.jpg

 photo P1010978.jpg

More Onikyan from Freakin Works crew, this time on an E46 Coupe. Purist look away!

 photo P1020071.jpg

Okay purist can look at this instead. A lovingly kept phoenix yellow (mustard) E46 M3. Why change anything right?

 photo P1020050.jpg

Big audio built into a Veilfire pumping out EDM. Anyone else get the reference?

 photo P1010987.jpg

 photo P1020057.jpg

 photo P1020056.jpg

More Nissans!

 photo P1020066.jpg

A great choice of wheels always does wonders.

 photo P1020008.jpg

 photo P1020010.jpg

This guy has the right idea, just have fun!

 photo P1010985.jpg

Forester slammed down. Looks great, probably not so good off road though.

 photo P1020012.jpg

Cars + Dog = win!

 photo P1010993.jpg

 photo P1010996.jpg

I used to have pictures of their cars on my desktops. Abflug!

 photo P1020107.jpg

 photo P1020106.jpg

Showing that Hybrids don’t have to be boring.

 photo P1020121.jpg

Golf sitting low. Euro dm?

 photo P1020119.jpg

Tsukuba plates for extra kudos.

 photo P1020165.jpg

Windsor Donk???

 photo P1010768.jpg

To finish off Part 1 of our Fresh Meet coverage (don’t worry, there’s lots more!) Here’s something that could have come straight off a Tokyo Drift scene.

 photo P1010771.jpg

A couple of lovely lasses exiting their Silvia. Can’t escape an Initial D reference?

 photo P1010773.jpg

 photo P1010779.jpg

See you in Part 2 where we’d head up to the second deck!

5 thoughts on “Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2017: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet-Part 1, Ground Zero.

  1. Hi, thanks for you great photos.
    Is it possible to get the hi res pic for the last 2 pic (Silvia couple)?
    Many Thanks

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