Bimmermeet 2: Modernist

Having covered both the Old and Young timers, it’s time to move on towards the cars of a more recent era. Today, we cover the modern classics as well as the latest Ultimate Driving Machines from Bavaria. There were quite a number of first generation Z4s around and while this car’s design was initially quite […]

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Bimmermeet 2: The Youngtimers meet

While there were plenty of Old-timers scattered across Bimmermeet 2’s event space, there’s no denying that this meet, belonged to the Youngtimers. So what exactly is a “Youngtimer” anyway? Generally speaking, there is no official definition for cars that come under this category, but as a rule of thumb, a Youngtimer is a car that’s […]

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Bimmermeet 2: Old is gold

An unfortunate truth that all automotive enthusiasts in Singapore understand is this, for all our economic successes and financial clout, Singapore does not have a very strong car culture. Massive taxes and archaic regulations have made car ownership almost a dirty word in certain circles. Which is why quite a number of us have to […]

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