Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2017: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet-Part 4, Big muscle.

Car culture is a wonderful but strange thing isnt’ it? On one side, you have a whole battalion of personnel who flew over to Japan and in the process, acquired the JDM ride of their dreams. On the other side, you have another bunch of people who have totally fallen in love with the cars from across the globe and have not just only embraced the machines but also the lifestyles associated with them.  (If you’re not convinced, drop by a Mooneyes Japan show!)

 photo P1010539.jpg

Perhaps it’s just a very human trait, to want something that we deem to be rather rare, unique and special. Isn’t that why we sometimes fettle with our cars in the first place? To stand out from the crowd, to personalise (however mild or wild) and create a car that speaks to us?

 photo P1010597.jpg

 photo P1010599.jpg

 photo P1010602.jpg

 photo P1010604.jpg

 photo P1010607.jpg

This year’s Fresh Meet had a very strong contingent of USDM Power. In a sea of white econo-boxy kei cars, there really is no denying that driving a big muscle V8 around is one of the ultimate expressions of being different, perhaps, even to the point of defiance.

 photo P1010608.jpg

One of them was being driven by a lovely looking lady too.

 photo P1010564.jpg

I’m ready to admit, if i had access to LHD cars like these back in Singapore (without the insane punitive taxes of course). I would very likely have picked one up, there’s just nothing like cruising around in a big fat rumbly V8 stuffed with torque.

 photo P1010586.jpg

 photo P1010581.jpg

 photo P1010751.jpg

 photo P1010584.jpg

I love these things. Sorry Captain Planet.

 photo P1010614.jpg

Then this came in…

 photo P1010617.jpg

What car is it???

 photo P1010618.jpg

 photo P1020142.jpg


 photo P1020146.jpg

I really should rent a car for a future trip and make a drive down to this mystical place called Daikoku.

 photo P1020154.jpg

No replacement for blah blah blah… I’m sure you know the drill…

 photo P1010620.jpg

Then there were two.

 photo P1010624.jpg

 photo P1020129.jpg

 photo P1020127.jpg

 photo P1020132.jpg

 photo P1020151.jpg

What car is it???

 photo P1020148.jpg


 photo P1020123.jpg

 photo P1020133.jpg

 photo P1020161.jpg

 photo P1010785.jpg

USDM crew.

 photo P1020104.jpg

 photo P1010632.jpg

Don’t ask me why but i get the biggest smile when i see these old muscle cars. There’s just something about ’em. I’d gladly sell my cars for an old American V8 machine, maybe a Roadrunner, just to have that cartoon sticker. I mean, seriously, a car with a Looney Tunes character as an insignia, how hilarious is that?

 photo P1010629.jpg

Then this Charger came in. I was floored.

 photo P1010729.jpg

 photo P1010746.jpg

 photo P1010728.jpg

 photo P1010719.jpg

 photo P1010718.jpg


 photo P1010722.jpg

 photo P1010723.jpg

Take that popo! 😛

 photo P1010752.jpg

Cars like these make me hyperventilate.

 photo P1020203.jpg

Very clean truck.

 photo P1020164.jpg

 photo P1020158.jpg

 photo P1010626.jpg

When you are in one of the capitals of the car culture World, there really is something for everyone don’t you think?

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