#BMWWorldSG kicks off with the BMW iX3 and the M3 / M4 Competitions.

While the rest of the local automotive World has taken a backseat due to “reasons”, BMW Asia and Performance Motors Singapore have decided to instead grace us petrol-heads with #BMWWorldSG. A showcase of BMW’s latest machines both virtually via an online digital showroom, and in the real world at Performance Motors and Performance Munich Auto. […]

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Accessing Joy

At the unveiling of the new BMW 7 Series in Singapore, BMW Group Asia also had another product waiting in their wings for its official launch. Access by BMW from BMW Financial Services Singapore and Sime Darby Services. A new automotive subscription service that grants members access to a fleet of BMWs delivered right to […]

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Big 7 lands in Singapore

Say what you will about its rather erm… bold face, but BMW’s latest 7 Series has finally landed on our local shores and beyond that interestingly striking aesthetic lies BMW’s latest executive flagship packed full of their latest We can’t tell you how they will drive yet but being a BMW, there’s no doubt those […]

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BMW-SG meetup: Die Rückkehr

It’s been a long time since our local BMW club, BMW-SG, had a meetup (and an even longer time since i last attended one), but after a hiatus of many months (or even years), the meets are now starting up once again and while not yet near the scale of meets from yesteryear, it’s great […]

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