Project 944: Booty call

Another week has gone by and a quick recap of what has been done, as you see in the opening image, the boot has just been painted and with the bonnet back in place, i reckon the engine bay has received some L37W as well. A bit later in the day, a friend of mine […]

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The Escape

It’s been a loooong time coming, 15 years to be exact, and now it’s finally back! Celebrating not just the 15th anniversary of BMW’s groundbreaking “The Hire” short film series, but also as a launchpad for the brand new G30 5 Series. There really is no better way to present a launch video than this. […]

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Project 944: Clearest Blue

If by now you haven’t figured it out, no more prizes for guessing the color of Project 944! (But, to be honest, there really wasn’t any to begin with) Yes, our money pit project car has been christened with a fresh coat of blue. Porsche L37W to be precise. While our initial plan was to […]

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Fuel Magazine / Club Hi-Fence

Interestingly, i happened to chance upon the latest issue of Fuel Magazine at the local magazine store. For those interested, think of it as Aussie/Melbournian “artisinal” culture meets cars meets lovely photography. Anyway, i gave it a quick flip and these pictures caught my eye! It’s the crew from Hi-Fence car club, previously seen when […]

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