Project Mark II: Purple Reign

So with the car out for a good short while, everything has been going pretty well with nothing untoward to report (fingers crossed) since my last post on project slow rider. Though the numerous holograms and hairline scratches on the paint are starting to show just how bad a job the Bodyshop did on finishing the car. Issues I hope Revol can rectify very soon.

But, of course, there are a few updates to the car. Having gotten word that my “made to order” wheels have finally arrived after more than 6 months of waiting, I figured it was a good time to also re-space the Mark II since I wasn’t that happy with the results of the initial set of spacers I got. So back she went for an additional 5mm for the fronts and an extra 10mm on the rears.

Green Teins still look cool (and clean).

Much better fitment I reckon. Though I had hoped the tires would clear the fenders, I was just barely off, resulting in some unpleasant rubbing noises on the way home. So, I guess it was time to get the rear inner fenders rolled, necessitating a visit to Lye Design. But first, I had to collect my brand new set of wheels! I’ll share them again in an 02 post later but here’s a sneak peek.

All the way from Japan~!

With the Mark II only needing a slight roll, it didn’t take very long. I forgot to take a picture of my car getting worked on, but here’s Jansen’s AE86 instead. Will probably be done before my 02.

With the Fenders rolled, it was time to hit the tinting shop to get the windows tinted. Since this was a “budget” build, I didn’t go for anything high-end and went for the second most economical option.

Looks alright I think. Totally legal.

Since Project Mark II’s almost done, it was time to grab some photos.

But first, a fill-up for the thirsty girl.

Since there’s a lovely light-up event happening in town, it made for a great backdrop. Thanks for reading!

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