Project Mark II: Baby got back

Yes, she’s back! Well, technically she’s been back for over a week now but yes, the Mark II finally had her Ito-Auto Service rear rump fitted and painted by the excellent people over at Revol.

She looks so much better with a rear aero kit fitted. No more naked butt look.

The only thing left to add was to apply the Ares sticker, which as you might expect, is the name of the kit. For those curious, the full name is Ito-Auto Service Traum Ares. Ito-Auto also has another kit for the 110, a much more aggressive-looking variant called the Type-1. But because my car isn’t all that maniacal, I opted for the more subtle Ares kit. I think it has worked out rather well with the stock Toyota IR-V aero.

What do you think? Wouldn’t hurt to lower it even more right? Though that might prove to be a liability for its daily driver duties.

I also took the opportunity to replace one of the faded headlight lenses. I think, for now, the aesthetics are more or less done. Though I still have more plans in store for this Mark II. Stay tuned!


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