Project Mark II: Almost there

It’s been a couple of months since Project Mark II began and with the car fresh out of the body shop I’m happy to report we’re almost there with just a few more tweaks here and there to finish her up.

The colour is a Nissan shade, LP2 to be exact. For the anoraks, they’d know this particular code represents the signature hue of the R33 GTR, Midnight Purple. Why Midnight Purple? Besides the fact that I probably can’t afford an R33 GTR anymore, I’ve always wanted a purple car and since the original colour on the Mark II was a rather similar shade of Bordeaux, I figured it could save me some money as I wouldn’t need the car fully stripped down for the colour change.

There was another colour constantly floating around in my head that I always wanted on a car but I figured my Mark II wasn’t aggressive enough to carry it off, Porsche’s Rubystone Red. I think I made the right decision.

Being a budget build, I shopped around a few body shops for the best quote and eventually settled on a painter that was highly recommended by the XC40 chatgroup. Their quote was very fair and since I wasn’t in a hurry, I left the car with them for 2 weeks. The above pictures are from the day I collected the car.

I also requested for my stock brake callipers to be painted black as one of the previous owners had them coated in a horrendous shade of red. Never paint your stock callipers red (or yellow) guys!

The total fees for the paint job came up to about SGD$1,700 including the callipers which I felt was very reasonable. It’s not perfect but for the money, I’m more than satisfied and even pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

There are unfortunately quite a few holograms, swirl marks and even hairline scratches around but again, I’m more than satisfied considering what I paid. I’ll soon set an appointment with a Revol in the coming months to get all these issues sorted so no biggie. For the record, Midnight Purple is quite a gorgeous shade under bright sunlight.

I didn’t have much time over the weekend to drive the Mark II but I did take her out for some fuel and a quick cruise up and down the city. I’m still wondering if I should get a slightly wider pair of spacers for the rears but I think I’ll make do for now.

With the car now painted, it was time to throw in some of the accessories I’ve been hoarding. But first, a quick wash, it was also the first time I’m washing this car since buying it months ago. Whilst I’d love for the car to sit even lower, this ride height does allow the car to enter the washing bay without any contact between the lower bumper and the floor. Another inch down and there will most likely be some unwanted contact.

I’ll have to stave off applying any products for another month since the paint is still oven fresh.

Found this fossilised potato chip while cleaning up under the front seats. Any takers?

With the interior cleaned up, it was time to decorate. Starting with this original Junction Produce Fusa in dark blue to compliment the purple exterior.

Next up are the custom Karo floormats ordered through RZcrew. These are the mid-range Flaxy mats, unlike the basic Sisal ones I previously used on my E36 and E34. They do feel nicer and as always, the fitment is absolutely SPOT ON PERFECT.

2021 was also Karo’s 40th anniversary so all floormats ordered are fitted with this special edition logo.

They also added a free gift with my order. Coasters to go in my cupholder compartments. Neat!

And to complete the interior (for now), a set of seat covers. These are sadly not original but they fit well so I’m happy. Sadly, the covers for the rear seats totally do not suit my car so those go back into storage. Win some, lose some.

Here’s how the interior looks for now.

To finish off for the time being, some stickers and badges.

Next up, windows tinting maybe?

Here’s a throwback to how she used to look. Not too bad a makeover I think?

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