Project Mark II: Spaced out

After a month in the workshop, Project Mark II is finally out and running that much better with fresh engine and gearbox oil, brand new front control arms, steering tie rods, rear toe arms and some brand new Teins.

While I do wish the ride height could have gone even lower, I reckon it’s not too bad for an entry-level set of coilovers and surprisingly, the ride is very good, I even find it a tad too soft for my liking. Perhaps a thicker set of ARBs might be in order in the future. That said, I’ve not driven it much since collecting it so those are just my initial impressions.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the Mark II’s driving now, it’s still slow and the gearbox still has some lingering vibration, but, it’s a marked (hehe) improvement from what it was before.

Unfortunately, the centre console cover was too brittle and cracked as it was being removed to install the new head unit/Android tablet. But, as always with older cars, these things happen so I not too fussed about it.
The new Android head unit totally rocks. The days of aftermarket double-din systems are well and truly over.

The Mark II’s release from the workshop was in good time too as she was due for her yearly routine inspection.

Unlike most other cars I’ve owned, this inspection went through without a hitch.

Since I also had some time on my hands, I decided to mock up the aero kit with some masking tape just to have an idea of how it might look.

Not too shabby! Unfortunately, the rear lower bumper piece was not available so that will have to wait. Still, I think it somewhat works.

Something needed to be done about the sunken-in wheels so a set of spacers all around were procured and with the spacers eventually in my hands, it was time to head to the wheel shop.

Up she goes…

This was also the first time I managed to take a look at my Teins. Green. Nice.

With the spacers installed, it definitely looks much better. I reckon I could have gone with an extra 10mm on the rears since there is still some space between the wheel and fender. What do you think?

Here she is finally sitting “right”. Next, she’ll be away for another couple of weeks for paint and bodywork.

Hope everything turns out alright!

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