Project Mark II: Revol’d on up

With my Mark II’s paint finishing full of hairlines scratches (some rather severe) and holograms due to a rather poor finishing job after its respray, there was really only one place to go to get the car’s paint fixed up once and for all, Revol. A shop I’ve never been disappointed with on all my previous visits.

You can’t really tell from this picture but the Mark II was full of hairline scratches.

With my appointment made, the Mark II was rolled in for a day of paint correction and pampering.

While I think I might be somewhat particular when it comes to my car’s bodywork, the end results after a session at Revol still had me impressed and very very pleased.

They even polished up the inner door panels/door jambs which were not resprayed and had probably suffered from over a decade of neglect. Even the boot-lid surrounds were buffed up nicely.

Yup, they tidied up the wheels and interior as well. I need to find a brand new panel surround for the air-con buttons.

I just had to grab a couple of photos fresh straight after collection. Free from any hologram residues and hairline scratches. She looked slick! I wish I can find that missing rear bumper kit to finish up the aesthetics!

Back home, I took the opportunity to take more photos. Yes, the passenger side headlight needs replacing, I’ll get to that soon enough.

Much clarity and depth.

The boot panel in particular had a very severe case of hairline scratches most likely caused by being wiped with a really ratty rag with considerable pressure. Now it’s free from scratches. Love it!

Whilst still not the prettiest engine, it is now (amazingly) free from a tonne of grease and grime. It was so dirty I gave up trying to clean it.

Since I didn’t need to use the car much, I covered her up with a car cover since it is a good idea to let the newly applied ceramic coat sit and cure for slightly over a week.

A little over a week later, it was time to take her out for a drive and an expensive supper.

The end results. I still can’t get over the clarity in its reflections. For those who were wondering why didn’t I just use Revol for the respray, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. Rather, it was because they were not able to take on such a job due to manpower issues caused by Covid and they didn’t want to compromise on quality. Happily, though, they were able to give the Mark II the finishing touch she deserves.

Knowing that one day she’ll be back to daily driving duties under the sun, I shall enjoy her shininess while I still can.

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