Project 2002: Coco be wear

I know, I know, if you think it still looks pretty much the same as before, you’re right! While not that much has progressed since my last update, there is some good news in the fact that with manpower issues slowly starting to resolve themselves, work has once again restarted on the ’02.

While it was nice to once again have a look at the car, my reason for dropping by was much more practical because this arrived in the mail very recently.

No, it’s not a brand new set of floor mats, well, at least not yet. Having ordered a full set of mats from Coco Mats (after Karo Japan totally fudged up my original plans), they sent me this, a pattern verification kit with the template for my car’s floormats. I’m guessing with this car being RHD, they wanted to get things right before starting production. Smart.

So with the kit in my hands, a visit to R2D to test fit the templates was in order.

With the Mark II parked up, it was also the first time I had both cars side by side. Quite a strange pairing no?

After Autosparks UK’s total mess of a job sending me an LHD harness for my RHD order (after months of waiting and no service recovery in sight), my mechanic now has the very arduous and time-consuming task of rebuilding an entire harness with whatever we currently have. Autosparks, what a sham. It wasn’t cheap either. I will highly not recommend them if you are living outside of the UK because if they mess up your order like mine, you are pretty much out of luck.

Regardless, I was here to do some test fitting (and badge measuring), and kudos to Coco Mats, the fitment was as perfect as it can be even though there wasn’t any interior to speak of.

Some additional photos to give you an idea of what my car looks like inside the cabin.

I also took the time to match up the colours of my floor mats against my car’s new colour. I know I wanted to keep it a surprise but it’s been so long that I think I’d rather share it, though it doesn’t really come across very well in photos.

Here’s a better look. I think they work well together.

After a quick friendly chat with my mechanic, it was time to head off. Hopefully, it will look different the next time I drop by for a visit. We are still months away, but… Fingers crossed!


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