Project 2002: Step by step

I totally get it, it’s a process. In every project such as this, there are bound to be setbacks, delays and unforeseen issues cropping up ever so often. That said, I still can’t help but feel a sense of anxiety, despair and disappointment whenever a particularly major one rears its ugly head.

Since I was dropping off the Mark II, I figured it was a good time to take a look at Project 2002’s ongoing progress. Looking at the current state, I’m quite doubtful the car will be done by the end of this year.

So what’s the big problem now? Remember that beautiful brand new working Harness from Autosparks? Turns out the RHD harness which I specifically ordered, paid for and waited an extra long time to receive is actually an LHD harness and is way too short to be used on my RHD 2002. Seriously, how could they have made such a massive blunder? It’s something I seriously cannot fathom. How could anyone the very basics of an order so very very wrong?

I sure hope something can be done. Looks like I’m gonna be even more out of pocket on this one. FML.


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