Project 2002: Final pieces of the puzzle?

Having bought parts for the Toyota Mark II, there was no way I could neglect the 2002 right? Of course not! So along with the brand new Momo black edition, some other parts have arrived for the old girl. Yup, a brand new front strut bar because, why not?

If you’re thinking it’s been some time since my last update on the 2002, you’re not wrong. Getting the car’s wiring done up has been an extremely time-consuming process for the shop but I’m very happy to report that the wiring is almost done! Here’s most of the wiring already in the car.

In addition to that bright red bar, here’s another new bit of period-correct engineering for the car.

Brand new Weber 32/36 carbs.

Along with a tiny little air filter.

These things look pretty alien to me so luckily I’m not the one installing them. I’ll probably botch the job.

Having dropped them off, they are now in the safe hands of R2D. The 2002 still pretty much looks the same but hopefully with the wiring loom now in, the rest of the build can continue as planned. Fingers crossed!

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