Project 2002: Guess not

Welp! Turns out the previous shipment of parts was probably nowhere near the last as another issue cropped up soon after dropping off my Webers. Cue exhibit A:

Notice anything amiss? Yup, my brand-new Weber 32/36 will not fit my intake manifold! While this could have been a mistake on my part, it really wasn’t, because that intake manifold should not have been on my car! That is an early 2002 or 1602 manifold, and not something that should have been on my later car. I guess someone, somewhere, years ago did a sneaky swap and took my original larger intake off!

So, it meant ordering yet another part and kudos to Ireland Engineering, they delivered the goods and I got my brand new reconditioned part in a week!

With said part in hand I headed over to R2D once again for a special delivery!

It’s always fun to snoop around whenever there’s something interesting in the shop.

Here’s the previously mentioned offending manifold. No way that’s gonna work.

New intake manifold, meet new Weber. New Weber, meet new intake manifold. Let’s do a test fit!

Lookin’ good. Finally!

While I was there, I also had a look at the head which after opening up seemed to have taken some internal damage somewhere in its life. So, it was sent to be skimmed and whilst not perfect, it is still serviceable and we will continue to use it since we are not looking to build a race engine or trying to make bulk power.

The rest of the engine also looked to be in pretty decent shape with the pistons and valves still good for use.

Here’s the old carb vs the new one for comparison. I’m guessing there will be a noticeable difference once fitted.

This will be retired to the bookshelf.

Here’s a look at the freshly painted valve cover! This was actually an idea by my mechanic and initially, the lines and BMW text were painted black but I insisted on getting them sanded down to have the exposed silver metal showing. I think it looks really sweet!

The shop HAD to park this 328 next to my car. This right here, is pretty much the dream garage pair don’t you think?

The 308/328 era Ferraris will always be my childhood heroes. Such beautiful lines. Just looking at these cars brings back memories from when I was just a kid.

Luckily for me, dreaming is free. 1 out of 2 ain’t too bad I guess. From hereon, let’s pray things will move ahead smoothly (fingers crossed) as I will need to get the car painted and ready for regulatory inspection by the end of October. Here’s hoping!

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