Summertime madness. Cars & Kopi Summer 2022.

Well, this was an unexpected one. With a long weekend over the country, my initial plans to sleep in seemed well and indeed thwarted after a couple of friends egged me on to call for a meet on our little public holiday.

Figuring that putting the word out at such late notice might result in a smaller than usual turnout (hence allowing me to actually relax and have breakfast and coffee), I thought to myself “why not?” Turns out I was wrong and once again, I really have to thank our small local automotive community for their strong show of support.

That said, I guess it’s finally time to address the elephant in the room and something that seems to affect almost every single car meet around the World, people behaving badly in their cars. You know who I’m talking about. I was rather upset with what happened at our meet so I penned (well, typed) a somewhat lengthy rant when I got home. To be honest, I just wanted to vent because I didn’t want our meet to degenerate into yet another typical hypebeast/tik-tok/hoon/takedown-Esque event.

What I didn’t expect though was that there were so many others who resonated with what I wrote shared it along! I think overall, it’s gotten more than 300 shares so far, my first viral post!

I’m not here to name and shame but it’s a fine line we thread don’t you think? We really don’t need any more reasons for the public to ostracize us.

While I’m still on the fence with regards to returning to a private “word of mouth” invite style, it will definitely make my mornings less anxiety-filled.

While I really love it when I see so many people walking around, looking at cars with their families, or just chatting with their friends. The unfortunate flip-side to that is when a car meet gets too big, it is bound to attract the trouble-making hype-chasers. Does anyone anywhere have any suggestions on how should we move forward?

Anyway, I’m digressing. Back to the main event.

As always I liked to arrive early to get a nice parking spot and since I had the i4 with me that very weekend, why not bring it down?

But of course, there were others who were even earlier!

The desire for a Honda S660 is still so very strong. I tried asking around for one early last year and apparently Honda had long sold out the entire production run which ended in March this year (2022). A real pity because there really is no other car like it. Why do you torment us like this Honda!?!

It’s quite difficult for me to resist the charms of a well-looked-after E24 as well. Such beautifully proportioned lines. That Cayman’s not too shabby either.

I’m no expert but these neat wheels look like RUF wheels.

Another very handsome BMW, the iconic E38. The last of the sporty-looking 7s and a truly timeless design. This one riding slightly lower on a set of beautiful genuine Alpinas. Perfection.

This clean F11 isn’t too bad either!

And then there was this. What a pairing. A Z4M Coupe and a very well-kept 944 Turbo. Be still my beating heart. If you’ve been following my blog, you would have seen this car before. Given a choice, I’d take the BMW.

There is no substitute. BMW ///M.

Since I’m waxing lyrical about BMWs, here’s the 2002 we last year a couple of months ago at our last Cars & Kopi. I can’t wait for mine to come out. Hopefully by the time our next meet happens. Fingers well and truly crossed!

Yet another Z4M Coupe. Sitting alongside an E36 which in turn is sitting alongside a cute little classic Mini.

Here’s a new 1-Series hatch wearing BMW’s new limited edition heritage emblem. Don’t ask me if it’s for real reals.

Some BMWs sit on 2-wheels, but they are still lovely and still desirable.

From an air-cooled bike to an air-cooled car, there were as always, a good selection of autos from Stuttgart strutting their stuff.

They do look good in bright shades don’t you think? Not convinced?

What about this lovely yellow one with matching seats? Hard to believe there ever was a time when no one wanted these.

Or is a more modern interpretation more your thing?

Hard to argue with a GT3RS.

Unless, you have a GT3 Touring?

Another GT3!

And around the back, a Boxster Spyder.

Something you don’t see everyday, a 930 Flachbau (Flatnose), yes readers, yet another lovely auto we covered some time ago. One of the rarest classic 911s in the World. Sitting next to an AMG kitted C126 500SEC.

As rare as that 911 may be, I found myself drawn more towards the C126. I just love its boxy, long, angular, purposeful and strong lines. Peak Mercedes design (but actually penned by an Italian!). Dare I say Bauhaus?

I’d love to have one of these too!

The SEC and Flachbau were in pretty good company next to those Pagodas

The Bruno Sacco era of Mercedes Benzes is in my mind at least, one of their most iconic, at least in terms of modern design.

That said, I wouldn’t ever refuse a W123TE either! I doubt anyone would.

Old school Turbo, meet new school Turbo. Quite a contrast in styling too! The Esprit’s straight-cut wedge shape against the new Supra’s curvaceous body.

Speaking of curves, here’s proof the Brits could do just as well when it comes to flowing lines with a Series II XJ12 Coupe.

And since we’re on the subject of V12s. Here’s a 599GTO. 1 of 599 made.

And couple more Fezzas. I don’t know about you but I cannot keep up with the new iterations after the 458/488.

Even more Fezzas, as the years go by, the 360 is looking prettier and prettier. It surely has aged very well.

Another car that has aged rather gracefully is the R129. Sitting next to a high-tech Taycan, quite a juxtaposition no?

Here’s something else you won’t come across very often, a Spacewagon driven by a Koala!

This driver even brings his MPV for trackdays! (If you look closely, it still has its semi-slicks on!)

You know what would be sweet on a track though? Probably one of these. Yes, two STOs rolled in together. Talk about making an entrance.

While it might look slightly gaudy in pictures, this STO’s bright green hue is really striking in real life, pictures just fail to capture the paint’s depth and reflex effect.

Two Huracan STOs just chillin. That’s roughly SGD$3million (USD$2million) sitting right there folks. Crikey.

Or perhaps, an Aventador instead?

Here’s something a lot less painful on the wallet, a little Honda N-Van. I love these little kei vans. Even entertained thoughts of buying one not too long ago to bring the dogs around.

Another car I pondered purchasing was one of these, no not the Forester, but the Exiga. They seemed pretty good value at the time. EJ20 baby.

Lovely STI Forester. Pretty rare over here.

More Scooby rear ends with some WRXs.

Love the colours.

Amongst all the Rexes though, this still remains my favourite generation. the GC cars. One of the hero cars of my young adolescent days. Watching it slide around on grainy internet downloaded videos or grip through tight corners on our local carpark rallys, I yearned so much to have one back then, sadly, an itch I have yet to scratch, With prices of these having skyrocketed, it’s probably one for the memories.

Whilst the GD cars are still handsome, I don’t quite lust after them as much.

And yes, I’d pick a well sorted GC over an EVO!

While cars were still coming in, I figured it was time for me to finally grab a coffee (or two) and head home for some much needed rest. Until next time, drive safe!

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