An Auto/inu-Otaku in Munich 2022: Strauchdieb

Granted, it has been months since my trip to Munich but I still do have a few more things to share, this one though, I’m guessing, isn’t quite for everyone. So, hands up if you’re a doggo pawrent. Good! Now, hands up if you’re the sort of doggo pawrent who can’t resist visiting doggo-related stores whilst overseas. Great! This post is for you!

Chances are that if you’re the sort of paw-parent who doesn’t mind splurging once in a while on your doggo, you would have heard of Cloud7, a brand of beautifully made dog clothing and accessories originating from Berlin and quite difficult to come by in Singapore, so hunting down a shop that carries this premium brand is usually on my do-list whenever I get to visit Germany.

On my last trip here, I, unfortunately, missed out on visiting a store in Stuttgart as it was closed over the weekend I was there. This time though, I set aside quite a bit more time to drop by a shop in Munich, and even though it wasn’t that easy to get to, having to navigate both the train and bus networks, it was totally worth it.

The shop’s name is Strauchdieb, and I highly recommend a visit.

Alles rund um den hund, everything about the dog.

For the doggo-obsessed pawrents, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you like in this beautifully curated shop. I wish we had stores like this in Singapore with such nicely curated items. While we do have Singpets, I find that the items they carry are not quite as boutique.

My visit here wasn’t entirely just for fun of course, having already bought a Cloud7 raincoat for one of our doggos, I was looking for a similar raincoat for another of our doggos. As you can expect, they have a pretty good range to choose from here. The staff on hand were also very helpful and friendly.

Of course, that did not stop me from enjoying my time inside the store just looking around. And yes, I was tempted to pick out a lot more stuff!

I held myself back quite a bit but in the end, I still grabbed a couple of toys and snacks in addition to the raincoat.

Oh yes, I also grabbed one of these lovely totes! Could you resist?

With my shopping all packed into my brand new tote, It was time to head back into town, but this time, instead of getting on the bus and train again, I found a direct tram heading back in. If you ever do find yourself in Munich, it’s totally worth the time to drop by! I know be happy to go back next time.

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