Monumental Monolith: Driving the BMW G70 i7 xDrive60i

Carved, cast, or excavated from a single piece of material, the Monolithic design ethos is a purposeful one, born of strength, power, presence, and solidity. Eschewing delicate lines for sharp chiselled edges, soft curvatures for strong bold surfaces, and unnecessary visuals for a clean minimalist visage. Whilst BMW’s current design philosophy isn’t debuting on their […]

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Project 2002: Time Extended

I guess by now you would have noticed from the images that no, Project 2002 will not be done by the end of 2022. It is unfortunate, but these things do happen and it’s all good. While the car still looks like a hot mess, the main issues that require sorting out really have to […]

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Project 2002: Guess not

Welp! Turns out the previous shipment of parts was probably nowhere near the last as another issue cropped up soon after dropping off my Webers. Cue exhibit A: Notice anything amiss? Yup, my brand-new Weber 32/36 will not fit my intake manifold! While this could have been a mistake on my part, it really wasn’t, […]

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Freude am Fahren: Driving the BMW G42 M240i xDrive Coupe in Singapore

There is no doubt we are living in rather daunting times, having just pulled ourselves through the worst (fingers crossed) of a global pandemic, we had hoped to see light at the end, but now, saddled with constantly unresolved conflicts around the world and an ever-changing climate upending the global economy and supply chains, inflation […]

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