Project 944: Research and admiration

Due to work commitments, i didn’t get to visit the bodyshop the past weekend to look at our car’s progress. But i guess in a way, it’s nice to have a bit of a break too perhaps?

While we might have missed out on seeing our car’s build, i did manage to take a look at something else that’s just as, if not more interesting. A beautiful (and rather elusive) single owner 944 Turbo, right here on our sunny island.

 photo DSC03861.jpg

In the spirit of Mike and Ed from Wheeler dealers, i arranged to meet up with the owner to have a look at his car and maybe gather some images for reference on my rebuild.

 photo DSC03843.jpg

 photo DSC03847.jpg

My engine bay looks nothing like that.

 photo DSC03872.jpg

 photo DSC03866.jpg

This is a beautiful car passed on to the current owner by his father who personally drove it off the shipping container when it first arrived in Singapore.

 photo DSC03877.jpg

After a short chat, we both sort of gathered that there are probably only a handful of 944 Turbos left running locally. 4 Coupes, 2 Cabriolets. I’m pretty sure the number of NA 944s are just as dismal.

 photo DSC03883.jpg

Thanks to the owner, i managed to get a ride in the car too. Just to get a rough feel for when our car is done. His is properly sorted.

 photo DSC03849.jpg

I think if we can get our car to be half as nice as this, i’ll be rather happy.

 photo DSC03879.jpg

Here’s his other car. Good taste .

4 thoughts on “Project 944: Research and admiration

  1. Nice write up. Alvin’s car is a great example of a pristinely stock 944 Turbo (951). I used to own a 951, I’ll try to dig up some old research that I did previously. If I’m not mistaken, your car was owned by a Malay chap sometime back but didn’t run well. Can’t recall why though, out of tune maybe. Lindsey Racing intake is good (what other bits does it have?) but I think a tune and changing the barn door type airflow meter is required.
    Would be nice to meet and talk about 944s.

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