2017 BMW M-Festival / 24H Nurburgring: Going to Hölle and staying for the Weekend

Speak of a 24H endurance race and chances are, most people will think about the very glamorous and recently concluded race held in La Sarthe. But what if we told you that just a few weeks before the start of Le Mans 24H, another endurance race that’s just as, if not more daunting than Le Mans was served up for all motorsports fans and thanks to BMW, we were there to experience it. Destination, Nürburgring Germany.

 photo P1110127.jpg

Race Day Morning:
Having already done the walks and press tours, we headed back to the ‘Ring bright and early on race day to have a look at the BMW M Corso. The main event of the day might be the 24H race but there were a ton of other activities lined up throughout the day by various manufacturers and teams.

 photo P1110136.jpg

If you would like to read up more on our M Corso coverage, click here.

 photo P1110318.jpg

With the M Corso cars returning to the holding area, there was only an hour to go before the official start of the race, so i bugged everyone to finish up their lunches and we made a quick drive back to the Nürburgring Info Center.

 photo P1110456.jpg

Race Day Afternoon:
With the rest of the team making their way to the BMW M Hospitality Suite, i shuffled over to the main grandstand for the start of the 24H spectacle.

Being a public viewing area, the atmosphere was absolutely electric and everyone was on their feet as the cars came through in formation for their rolling start.

 photo P1110482.jpg

“When the flag drops, the bullshit stops!” And with the Scuderia Glickenhaus SCG003 blowing past at full chat, the race was underway. 24 hours to go.

 photo P1110532.jpg

With its cute graphics, this Haribo Racing SLS AMG GT3 was a crowd favourite.

 photo P1110549.jpg

 photo P1110581.jpg

BMW Team Schnitzer cars were charging hard and strong early in the race. They sounded amazing too.

 photo P1110638.jpg

 photo P1110602.jpg

 photo P1110675.jpg

With the fanfare of the race start over, the crowds in the main grandstand began moving off. With an entire day’s worth of racing to go, i’m guessing everyone’s heading out for their own fringe adventure.

 photo P1100574.jpg

With time to spare, i headed towards the Visitor Center. Having passed through this area a few times earlier, i never really had the time to look around due to our packed schedules. Time to pick up some souvenirs.

 photo P1110686.jpg

For the uninitiated, the Nürburgring visitor center (and the small shops that line its surroundings) is where you go if you are looking to pick up some official Nordschleife swag.

 photo P1110682.jpg

While prices of most Team paraphernalia were on the (at times severely) steep side, official Nürburgring merchandise were rather surprisingly, quite reasonably priced.

 photo P1110684.jpg

I did contemplate picking up some Team products but being on a tight budget, i held off. My wallet and credit card thanked me later.

 photo P1110769.jpg

Race Day Late Afternoon:
After joining up with the rest of the team at the BMW M Hospitality Suite, we were quickly whisked away to a flat piece of grassland for a truly unforgettable experience.

 photo P1110754.jpg

Yes, for a very brief amount of time, BMW M gave us wings.

 photo P1110743.jpg

Well, rotors to be exact.

 photo P1110699.jpg

 photo P1110713.jpg

As we soared above the Nordschleife, our pilot banked, pitched and rolled us through the curves, it was amazing. He must really love his work. With us high up in the sky, we were treated to a view like no other.

I think riding in a helicopter can qualify as yet another bucket list item i can check off. Thank you BMW M.

As the day wore on and the evening began to creep in, i bade my colleagues farewell as they left the confines of the track, heading back to the comforts of our hotel. I pressed on, it was a 24 hour race and i was determined to give myself the full 24 hour experience.

 photo P1110798.jpg

Race Day Evening:
With the race underway for a few hours already, i paid the paddocks another visit. The weather was fine and track conditions were perfect, so there wasn’t much drama occurring on the track or in the pits (yet).

 photo P1110803.jpg

 photo P1110821.jpg

 photo P1110806.jpg

I visited some of the Team Pits, trying my best not to get in the way once cars came in for their routine stops. Unlike most races where individual teams get their own pits, the sheer number of participants in this race meant that multiple teams had to share a single garage and pitstops had to be timed properly to avoid confusion amid the tight working spaces.

 photo P1120014.jpg

 photo P1110831.jpg

 photo P1110842.jpg

Even managed to catch a SCG003 coming in for a refuelling stop. Even with a press pass on hand, getting THIS close to an actual race car is simply unheard of in F1.

 photo P1120003.jpg

Some cars came in longer than usual and looked the worse for wear. The night had not yet started and they were sadly already sustaining small damages. Such is the nature of endurance racing.

 photo P1120007.jpg

M235i makes for an excellent grassroots racer. BMW needs to make a road-going stripped out homologation special.

 photo P1120065.jpg

Race Day Dusk:
As i walked around the paddock area overlooking the track, the slightly serious atmosphere in the morning had started to dissolve with the mood becoming much more casual as the day turned into night.

 photo P1120020.jpg

 photo P1120043.jpg

The night sky beckoned.

 photo P1120071.jpg

 photo P1120073.jpg

What a beautiful sight indeed.

 photo P1120095.jpg

Race Day Early Night:
With the Mercedes-Benz AMG suite a stones throw away, i just had to take a look.

 photo P1120103.jpg

As i walked in, this beautiful W108 pulled in and this gentleman stepped out. This ladies and gentleman, is Clemens Schickentanz. One of the drivers of the AMG fettled Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8.

 photo P1120109.jpg

In particular, this fettled Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8. Nicknamed “Rote Sau”, the “Red Pig”.

 photo P1120117.jpg

 photo P1120113.jpg

Signed, sealed, delivered.

 photo P1120140.jpg

The glowing brake discs from the cars battling out on the track were now starting to show up as the sun went down.

 photo P1120151.jpg

For those feeling hungry, there were plenty of food stands serving up lots of bratwursts and schnitzels! You can order a half-meter long bratwurst if you felt like it. Very tempting.

 photo P1120159.jpg

Walking around the surrounding roads brought me back to the BMW M Test Center, it looks rather different at night doesn’t it? Interestingly, the public roads were still rather packed with cars heading towards the track! It was mad.

 photo P1120182.jpg

Race Day Midnight:
Following a crowd of people, i walked into one of the campsites overlooking the Nordkehre corner.

 photo P1120216.jpg

 photo P1120219.jpg

I cannot imagine how the drivers cope with racing in the darkness. As the night wore on, i decided to revisit the BMW M Hospitality suite once again to rest and rehydrate myself.

 photo P1120237.jpg

 photo P1120244.jpg

It was now past midnight and my initial enthusiasm for staying on has dampened a little, no doubt in part due to the M Hospitality suite having no food left. I decided to head out to one last location on my BMW Hospitality map, the Fan Zone.

Located much further north of the track, the M Fan Zone overlooks Metzgesfeld and was sited in one of the many campsites that dot the Nordscheilfe. Luckily for me, turns out there was a BBQ at the fan zone! Bratwursts and Schweinekoteletts awaits!

The atmosphere at the Fan Zone was also a lot more casual and friendly with pretty much everyone mingling about and lots of beer given out. I’m guessing there’s also a small nod of acknowledgment between everyone here, for those crazy enough to stay throughout the night.

 photo DSC_0439.jpg

I slumped into one of the empty deck chairs and had a quick nap as the sound of GT cars buzzing by settled into a rhythmic drone. It was now 3am and as i doze off, i contemplate returning to my comfortable bed in the hotel.

Deciding what needed to be done, I jumped into a shuttle towards the Info Center.

Yes, i cheated and slept inside my car for 2 hours. Discovering that the new 5 Series’ rear seats made for a really nice bed.

 photo P1120298.jpg

Race Day Dawn:
Waking up at 5am and realising the Sun was on its way up, i fired up the 530i and drove towards a bridge we crossed the previous day after the M Corso event. A bridge i remember overlooked the track hopefully, would make a perfect place to shoot the Sunrise. I guess Lady luck was shining on me.

 photo P1120323.jpg

 photo P1120361.jpg

 photo P1120368.jpg

I thought the previous day’s Sunset scene couldn’t be topped, i was wrong. I’m so glad i stayed. This view was pure magic.

As i got back into the car, there was just one more stop to make. My initial plan was to visit the famous Karusell but a quick look at my Google maps showed up no real way of getting there without a trek through the woods. So it was off to Brünchen instead.

 photo P1120622.jpg

Parking up in one of the campsites in the morning, you can see plenty of evidence of the previous night’s parties. Bottles and kegs of beer lying around, BBQs fizzling away and plenty of friendly locals who have just woken up walking around in a daze. Must have been one hell of a night.

 photo P1120413.jpg

Once again i was simply amazed at just how close spectators can get to the cars. This is front row VIP viewing right here.

 photo P1120389.jpg

 photo P1120395.jpg

 photo P1120422.jpg

 photo P1120453.jpg

The night racing had clearly been somewhat uneventful with many of the cars still battling hard into the morning. Little will anyone know what’s about to happen towards the end of the race.

 photo P1120457.jpg

 photo P1120465.jpg

 photo P1120502.jpg

 photo P1120503.jpg

 photo P1120506.jpg

 photo P1120508.jpg

 photo P1120512.jpg

With such an amazing vantage point, i hung around a bit to soak it all in. My night stint as a spectator was over and i was tired, but these drivers, they must be truly exhausted.

 photo P1120530.jpg

 photo P1120551.jpg

 photo P1120556.jpg

 photo P1120611.jpg

 photo P1120616.jpg

For a petrolhead, i cannot think of a lovelier way to start a day.

 photo P1120653.jpg

Race Day +1:
I headed to the Paddocks once again to visit the pits, wondering if the night’s racing had taken its toll on any of the cars.

 photo P1120658.jpg

For the really hardcore 24H Nürburgring souvenir hunters, you could grab these used race tyres off the Hankook tent. Now THAT would make for a conversational piece. Unfortunately, i doubt any airline would take very kindly to me if i tried to check in such an item. Much sadness ensued.

 photo P1120680.jpg

 photo P1120678.jpg

I checked in once again with the Subaru STI NBR team and things seemed to be going smoothly. Unfortunately, disaster struck soon after as their car, with just 3 hours to go, caught fire and was forced out of the race. Ending this team’s dreams of a three-peat. Hopefully they will return next year.

 photo P1120682.jpg

Subaru Garage-mates, Team 9und11 racing also had major trouble with their car coming in hot and spewing out coolant with a damaged front end. Necessitating urgent repairs.

 photo P1120716.jpg

I noticed how members from rival teams pitched in even in the smallest ways to help out. I’m guessing at this point, everyone just wanted each other to complete the gruelling event. Such is the camaraderie of racing.

 photo P1120732.jpg

Having a sense of humour helps too i guess.

 photo P1120709.jpg

 photo P1120757.jpg

With the front end replaced, a brand new steering rack was quickly brought out. Turns out the damage was more severe than a blown radiator. With the engine fired up and tested throughout its rev range shortly after, this Porsche GT3 Cup was able to finish the race kicking and screaming.

 photo P1120636.jpg

As i headed back towards the BMW M Hospitality suite to rest and regroup with the rest of my (well rested) colleagues for the most unexpected end to this glorious race, i could only think of one word to describe my last 24 hours.

My body was tired, my mind was exhausted and my camera batteries were spent, but all i felt, was pure “joy”.

Thank you BMW.

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