2017 BMW M-Festival / 24H Nurburgring: BMW M Corso

For fans of BMW M cars, one of the biggest highlights of the M Festival is the M Corso, an event that allows owners of M cars to take to the Nordschleife in their very own cars in a parade lap just before the start of the 24 hour of Nurburgring race. With a limited number of cars allowed to participate, a raffle was held the night before to determine who would be the lucky ones to join in the festivities.

 photo P1110215.jpg

Unfortunately with no keys to an M car, we did not get to join in the parade lap, but that of course did not stop us from dropping by the holding area just before the cars headed out to gawk at a fine selection of Munich’s best assembled before us.

 photo P1110308.jpg

For fans of BMW M cars, prepare to geek out. I know i did.

 photo P1110219.jpg

M2 Empire.

 photo P1110199.jpg

 photo P1110201.jpg

How do you like your M2s?

 photo P1110148.jpg

 photo P1110154.jpg

Check out the sequenced number plates.

 photo P1110156.jpg

 photo P1110159.jpg

For a country with such a strong automotive culture, i was surprised plenty to see not that many tuned machines on the streets. Definitely not as many as Japan. Maybe German fast specials don’t need much fettling after leaving the factory.

 photo P1110166.jpg

I guess that is especially true if you are in the privileged position of being the owner of a limited edition E46 M3 CSL.

 photo P1110171.jpg

That does not stop some owners from trying!

 photo P1110173.jpg

This black M might have a CSL front bumper but the sunroof gives the game away. Silver one might be the real deal though.

 photo P1110174.jpg


 photo P1110189.jpg

 photo P1110186.jpg

I have never seen this rather unique colour on M4s. Almost Millennium Jade-ish. I’m guessing it’s a special order individual option. Very pretty.

 photo P1110302.jpg

Another fantastic colour, i know this one, Techno Violet, no wait, they changed the name. It’s now called Daytona Violet.

 photo P1110179.jpg

Unfortunately for today’s event, this E30 M3 was the only youngtimer present.

 photo P1110203.jpg

M2 and M3 mixing it up.

 photo P1110195.jpg

 photo P1110224.jpg

M6 Power. Pity production has ended for the current generation 6. Such a great design.

 photo P1110277.jpg

 photo P1110274.jpg

Subtle “i” blue surrounds on the kidney grills. Nice touch!

 photo P1110228.jpg

 photo P1110251.jpg

 photo P1110233.jpg

A couple of aftermarket tuned M6s arrived. The red M6 was fully Hamman-ed out! Makes me wonder if its one of the tuner’s own cars.

 photo P1110247.jpg

Aftermarket tune versus factory tune.

 photo P1110301.jpg

My mind was boggled at the number of GTS M4s present around the Nurburgring over the weekend.

 photo P1110254.jpg

How do you one-up the already ultra rare GTS? You show up in one of these. An ultra limited edition DTM Champion Edition. Built to celebrate Marco Wittmann’s victory in DTM, they only made 23 of these. One of which went to the DTM champion himself, leaving only 22 for very select customers.

 photo P1110280.jpg

This is number 20.

 photo P1110262.jpg

I know the colours might appear really wild in pictures, but in real life, it looks really really cool. A couple of M geeks were swarming over this car grabbing pictures at every angle, me included. This car is special.

 photo P1110266.jpg

With Wittman’s signature on the boot, i wonder if it will ever get washed. Better get it clear-coated.

 photo P1110318.jpg

Gotta catch ’em all!

 photo P1110297.jpg

 photo P1110342.jpg

BMW M also made use of this event to unveil their latest baby, the M8. Still in its infant prototype form.

 photo P1110382.jpg

Still a long ways from actual production, unveiling it on the Nurburgring also had a symbolic gesture. Born on the track, this car will be going racing.

 photo P1110401.jpg

With the M8 out, it was time to line up all the cars for the parade lap behind the stunning DTM/MotoGP pace cars.

 photo P1110443.jpg

 photo P1110451.jpg

As for me, it was time to make my way back to the paddock for the start of my 24H Nurburgring experience!


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