Cars & Kopi – Summer 2017

It’s been a long time since we last held a Cars & Kopi meet! Admittedly, it was probably because i was just too caught up with trying to get Project 944 back on the road and when issue after issue kept cropping up with the 80s Stuttgart machine, i was just too drained on my off days to do anything else.

 photo P1120811.jpg

With most things on the 944 now pretty much sorted (mostly), i figured it would be a good time to put together a nice morning meet over the long weekend holidays.

 photo P1120836.jpg

With the weather report forecasting rain on the day of the meet, i hoped for the best. Lucky for us, the Met service was once again proven wrong and it stayed sunny throughout!

 photo P1120803.jpg

With our last meet held way back in February, i honestly had no idea how many cars would actually turn up.

 photo P1120833.jpg

Turns out, i needn’t have worried as the attendance level was once again beyond my expectations. Hopefully we didn’t cause too much inconvenience to everyone else who headed down for breakfast! The carpark area was almost filled up! Thankfully i made the effort to arrive early and got a nice spot for our little Transaxle.

 photo P1120878.jpg

Shortly after i pulled in, this arrived. A genuine Alpina B3 Biturbo Touring.

 photo P1120818.jpg

 photo P1120825.jpg

 photo P1120827.jpg


 photo P1120887.jpg

 photo P1130019.jpg

 photo P1130121.jpg

Bringing in support for the Buchloe Biturbo were a number of Munich’s finest.

 photo P1120918.jpg

This 2002Tii in particular looking especially tasty in what i believe to be Inka Orange paint.

 photo P1120925.jpg

So clean.

 photo P1120931.jpg

 photo P1120933.jpg

I’d love to have one of these but values have risen so much.

 photo P1120948.jpg

Cars sure were a lot smaller back in the day.

 photo P1130135.jpg

 photo P1120965.jpg

Let’s not forget about the Bavarians from Ingolstadt.

 photo P1130065.jpg

 photo P1120859.jpg

 photo P1120862.jpg

There were also plenty of splendid machines from Stuttgart on show.

 photo P1120854.jpg

Beautiful white 964 dropped on BBS LMs. Match made in car heaven.

 photo P1120970.jpg

 photo P1120784.jpg

 photo P1120792.jpg

 photo P1120959.jpg

AMG Penta love.

 photo P1130115.jpg

Big AMG.

 photo P1120991.jpg

This is unicorn territory right here. Not just in our local context, but Worldwide. This is 1 of 58 made Worldwide. 58 in both LHD/RHD configurations.

 photo P1130164.jpg

To the untrained enthusiast, this is a Porsche Flachbau. But to those in the know, they will recognise this as a really special early Porsche Sonderwunsch programm (factory custom) car.

 photo P1130171.jpg

These very early cars were the real deal customs and were the cars built to order before Porsche started officially offering the Flatnose as a customer option.

 photo P1130099.jpg

 photo P1120989.jpg

Unlike most Flatnoses that come with pop-up headlights, these earlier cars had recessed lights in the front bumper and while some bits here and there look like they were picked out of the Porsche parts-bin, these small differences set apart these early cars from the more “common” Flachbaus.

 photo P1120985.jpg

With so few of these made, what’s really interesting is that there are currently two early Flachbaus residing in Singapore. Some food for thought indeed.

 photo P1130183.jpg

I’m sure most of you readers would have noticed that beautiful Alfa sitting next to the Flachbau and completing the Midnight Blue trio in a row.

 photo P1130179.jpg

 photo P1130189.jpg

Bella machina.

 photo P1130158.jpg

Old Alfas in their natural “engine bonnet up” position.

 photo P1130140.jpg

 photo P1130143.jpg

 photo P1130147.jpg

They sure are pretty to look at, both inside and out.

 photo P1130003.jpg

Another fiery hot Italian. This one quite likely has much more expensive taste.

 photo P1130008.jpg

Well said.

 photo P1130038.jpg

You wonder if these two ever battled on the streets back in the day.

 photo P1120960.jpg

Sunny day morning.

 photo P1120866.jpg

Don’t you wish Nissan went back to making things like these instead of their current Juke and Qashqai nonsense.

 photo P1120945.jpg

The Glory days of Nissan.

 photo P1130045.jpg

 photo P1130042.jpg

 photo P1120909.jpg

 photo P1130028.jpg

Culminating in this. The dream car of the Playstation Generation.

 photo P1120897.jpg

 photo P1120902.jpg

 photo P1130192.jpg

Stunning Tommi Mäkinen Edition. Peak Evo!

 photo P1130175.jpg

Or is this peak EVO? A very Jalop-approved Evo Wagon.

 photo P1130056.jpg

Also rather rare, a fully stock Evo 9.

 photo P1120848.jpg

Very clean current gen WRX.

 photo P1130072.jpg

Yes, the special edition cars keep coming. Here’s the aptly named Subaru STI S207 NBR Challenge Pack. Try saying that in one go.

 photo P1130080.jpg

 photo P1130087.jpg

 photo P1130084.jpg

Total production number? 400.

 photo P1120797.jpg

 photo P1130052.jpg

 photo P1120978.jpg

 photo P1120865.jpg

Mazda and MX5 turnout was strong!

 photo P1130108.jpg

Even the cat liked the Miata. I guess here’s where the term “Pussy Yellow” came from.

 photo P1120892.jpg

Don’t you just love the variety of cars that show up?

 photo P1120981.jpg

 photo P1120889.jpg

 photo P1120802.jpg

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

 photo P1130024.jpg

 photo P1120966.jpg

 photo P1120914.jpg

From the Temple of Vtec.

 photo P1130001.jpg

This MG was probably the oldest car for the meet. Sadly i had no prize to give out.

 photo P1130131.jpg

A slightly more modern British sports car.

 photo P1130027.jpg

 photo P1130125.jpg

I think the Saabs pipped the British marques in terms of attendance numbers.

 photo P1130155_b.jpg

I think this picture pretty much helps to sum up what our Cars & Kopi meet is about. Until next time, drive tastefully!


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