Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: BMW

Now that i’ve gotten most of the JDMs covered, i think it’s time to start featuring the “Import” cars from the Auto Salon, and boy, there were a lot of imports this year. Though it’s not entirely surprising when you consider that the cars from Europe and Stateside have been growing in popularity year on year.

As most Japanese manufacturers were churning out crossovers in lieu of high performance vehicles, it was only a matter of time before enthusiast started turning their attention (and wallets) somewhere else. Perhaps towards a number of German marques, who have brought back cars equipped with the magical powers of turbochargers.

Although BMW themselves have opted to skip this year’s event, there were plenty of aftermarket representations for cars hailing from Bavaria. These are some of them, let’s begin!

 photo P1040014.jpg

Remember on one of my previous features on Nostalgic Japanese cars where i mentioned Endless’ booth had a trio of lovely old timer machines on display and i only showed two of ’em? No? Well, this here was the third car. A beautifully restored and absolutely stunning Neue Klasse 2000CS Coupe. Gorgeous.

 photo P1040037.jpg

 photo P1040032.jpg

I wish i could have gotten a better shot but this car was also one of those that constantly had crowds surrounding it throughout the day!

 photo P1040042.jpg

It’s all in the details.

 photo P1040016.jpg

The things you can do when you have an “endless” budget. Just look at that interior! Nice touch with the Nardi. Can’t keep it entirely stock right? Since this IS the Auto Salon after all.

 photo P1040024.jpg

 photo P1040012.jpg

 photo P1040023.jpg

I’ve seen exteriors that don’t look at good as this car’s engine bay.

 photo P1040029.jpg

Enkei vintage reissues of course.

 photo P1040018.jpg

 photo P1040021.jpg

The lust factor is very high with this one.

 photo P1020324.jpg

Since we are starting off with old-school BMWs, let’s continue with this lovely E24 shark-nosed 635csi sitting at T’s club’s booth.

 photo P1020325.jpg

Another gorgeously penned car from BMW and one of the most iconic and beautiful modern classic cars from the marque.

 photo P1020328.jpg

Very clean interior though not as romantic as on the Neue Klasse.

 photo P1020329.jpg

Love the color. Sitting on a set of Pokal Custom Felgen wheels.

 photo P1040154.jpg

E30s have always been popular but it was always more of an enthusiasts’ driving/drifting toy than anything else. But like everything else old-school, it has risen in “coolness”. Which i guess is also a reason why a rather famous aftermarket aesthetics tuning house have taken an interest in this chassis. Of course i’m referring to Tra-Kyoto/Rocket Bunny/Pandem. I really don’t know which name i should go with, for the interest of this write up, let’s go with Rocket Bunny.

 photo P1040152.jpg

They actually showed up with not one but two E30s, but it was this red touring that was getting all the attention. Rightfully so too! It looked great and the fat rubber wrapping period correct BBS wheels really work with the look. I really like how they managed to keep the rear doors intact, but i wonder where’s the door handle? Door poppers?

 photo P1050208.jpg

 photo P1050202.jpg

 photo P1050196.jpg

Rocket Bunny’s other E30 was this white Coupe sitting very low to the ground and sporting their signature duck-tail spoiler. I was wondering if the flared arches would make it look like an E30 M3 rip, but it really does have it’s own distinct character.

 photo P1050210.jpg

 photo P1050193.jpg

 photo P1050200.jpg

Next to the white E30 was this E46 M3, also decked out in full Rocket Bunny regalia with big flared box arches covering a beautiful set of TE37SLs. I like it! There was no E36 Rocket Bunny this time but since we saw one at the Fresh Meet, i think it’s okay.

 photo P1050925.jpg

 photo P1050923.jpg

Nowadays, not much attention is given to the E85 generation of the Z4, so it was good to see at least one on the show floor. This was by M S Y Garage.

 photo P1050955.jpg

Another Z4 but of the E89 generation.

 photo P1020381.jpg

One thing i noticed was the sheer number of M2s on display. Japan must have had a monopoly on a whole batch of these future classics. They were everywhere! The Japanese know a great car when they see it!

 photo P1020377.jpg

3D design had a stunning M2 fully appointed with their wheels and very well made aesthetic add-ons. They sure are quick!

 photo P1020374.jpg

 photo P1020388.jpg

I think they had one of the best looking M2s at the show!

 photo P1040163.jpg

The other M2 that’s right up there with 3D Design’s car? Head over to Studie where they had not one but two M2s on display at their very uniquely designed booth. This one is a rather special one, an AC Schnitzer ACS2 Sport.

 photo P1040179.jpg

You really cannot go wrong with white on a BMW.

 photo P1040160.jpg

Studie’s other car was this rather erm… interestingly painted M2.

 photo P1040175.jpg

The car’s sweet though that paintwork… might not be entirely PC. What do you think?

 photo P1020772.jpg

 photo P1020777.jpg

Yet another M2, this time from 1221 and sitting on BC Forged wheels.

 photo P1020934.jpg

Hamann M2 brought over by Kidnie.

 photo P1050338.jpg

 photo P1050334.jpg

 photo P1050345.jpg

Dort, another well known Japanese tuner for BMWs, also showcased an M2.

 photo P1040204.jpg

 photo P1050294.jpg

 photo P1050298.jpg

Not confined to just their own booth, Studie also added an M2 to Yokohama’s booth. I told you there were M2s everywhere, like seriously, just send one over to my house. I won’t tell anyone.

 photo P1020382.jpg

Away from the M2s, were have the other usual offerings from BMW M, like this M4 back at 3D Design’s booth.

 photo P1020387.jpg

I quite like their rear spoiler.

 photo P1020391.jpg

 photo P1040854.jpg

3D Design also had a slew of aftermarket goodies on display.

 photo P1040856.jpg

I actually wanted to pick one of these fobs up at the end of the day but after an exhausting day covering the event, i totally forgot!!! GARRRGH!!!

 photo P1060272.jpg

Another black M4, this time from Border.

 photo P1020618.jpg

T’s club had this phoenix yellow M4 next to their stunning E24. It was fully decked out in Hamann gear.

 photo P1020724.jpg

Vorsteiner’s M4.

 photo P1020735.jpg

 photo P1020727.jpg

Vorsteiner everything!

 photo P1020910.jpg

Neutrale’s M4 had a very lovely colour. Is that… is that Millennium Jade?

 photo P1020881.jpg

TSW’s M4 sitting on a stunning set of wheels!

 photo P1020873.jpg

Don’t kerb them!

 photo P1040002.jpg

 photo P1040006.jpg

A-Real showed an M3 instead of an M4. It had some interesting bodywork just behind the front wheels.

 photo P1060407.jpg

M6 Gran Coupe over at EZlip’s booth. Yes, that’s a universal front lip add on you can throw on your car, any car. (I think)

 photo P1060324.jpg

We’ve seen this before a couple of years back, Energy Motorsports’ i8. Very wild, very bling.

 photo P1060327.jpg

Still not my cuppa.

 photo P1060334.jpg

 photo P1060337.jpg

Yo dawg, I hear you like flying buttresses.

 photo P1020869.jpg

Wrapping up, here’s yet another i8, this time from B’z One. Aesthetically not as wild but i like this one. Check out that Airrex Digital system!

 photo P1020860.jpg


 photo P1020871.jpg

Subtle but it works.

 photo P1020861.jpg

A surprise was hidden inside, yes, the blue stripes on the seats light up!

 photo P1020864.jpg

I think this car totally goes with my lanyard for the day no? Such a difficult toss up, M2 or i8? If you are fortunate enough to have both in your driveway, i hate you!

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