Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Honda S660 & A Smaller Cult Of Kei

With the NSX only recently unleashed onto the World, most tuners wouldn’t have had the time to apply to their magic to Honda’s latest and greatest, which meant that for this year’s Auto Salon, the S660 was the Honda of choice for showgoers.

Not a bad thing in my opinion, i happen to love the S660 and if our local taxes, import and registration fees weren’t so ridiculously prohibitive, i’d probably have grabbed one in an instant! How lucky for those living in Japan to have access these affordable fun little midship rear wheel drive pocket sports cars. Driving them down narrow Tokyo laneways must be a real hoot!

 photo P1030400.jpg

Mugen’s Garu Concept was probably the wildest S660 build of them all. It even won the Kei car award at the end of the show.

 photo P1050104.jpg

 photo P1050101.jpg

Personally i’d prefer to have a car that keeps its production look more intact, Spiegal had a great looking example on display in a lovely shade of blue.

 photo P1060321.jpg

 photo P1060318.jpg

Duck’s Garden gave their S660 a rather different front end. Almost previous gen Accord/Civic-ish. Not to my taste but i think it works from certain angles.

 photo P1060399.jpg

Top Fuel’s S660. With their penchant for speed, i wonder if the engine was given some additional “tweaks”.

 photo P1060420.jpg

Check out the snorkel on RS Pantera’s car.

 photo P1060018.jpg

Stance Magic added some flared arches and injected some racing flavour into their little Honda.

 photo P1200386.jpg

With so much attention paid to the S660s, it’s easy to overlook all the other Kei cars, but here are some i thought were rather interesting. Suzuki’s Alto Works is one which i really liked from a couple of years back, here’s one fettled by tuning specialist Blitz.

 photo P1050116.jpg

Another Alto Works, this time by Akamaru, a slightly less “serious” looking machine compared with Blitz’s car.

 photo P1030117.jpg

One of my favourite Keis from the show, Daihatsu’s Canbus, this one all decked out with some So-Cal styling. Totally love it.

 photo P1030185.jpg

Older Keis were not forgotten, though their presence have decreased quite a bit as the years go by.

 photo P1030207.jpg

Kei cars seem to have the most fun when it comes to customising. Everything downsized just looks so much happier and less serious!

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