Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: The Euro Exposition Part 1

Continuing from our BMW coverage, let’s move on to all the other “import” cars of the Tokyo Auto Salon of which there were indeed many! Since we left off with cars from the BMW group, let’s start off with some Minis.

 photo P1030019.jpg

RK Designs from our Abarth feature brought along this very bright example loaded with Rotora brakes and given a nice ride height.

 photo P1030338.jpg

 photo P1030339.jpg

A rather ususual Clubman converted to Van-spec with a full Cali-style exterior and interior. I couldn’t get a full shot of the car as a news crew was doing a shoot on it.

 photo P1060191.jpg

The biggest Mini-specific booth was from the boys at Giomic. It was a very tastefully done setup too!

 photo P1060204.jpg

Which really shouldn’t be a surprise as they have collaborated with a fashion/lifestyle brand for the showcase.

 photo P1060208.jpg

 photo P1060202.jpg

 photo P1060199.jpg

Their cars looked pretty good too.

 photo P1020472.jpg

Of course being Tokyo Japan, there were plenty of Benzos around the show floor.

 photo P1020469.jpg

This S-Class from M’z Speed looked pretty good and nowhere near the OTT-ness of some infamous tuners.

 photo P1020577.jpg

One of the best looking big coupes currently on offer, the C217 S-Class Coupe. Looking especially tasty with on those Work Wheels and a drop in ride height.

 photo P1020954.jpg

If the closed coupe doesn’t do it for you, how about a big full-sized S-Class Cabriolet instead? Personally, i think the Coupe looks better.

 photo P1060212.jpg

T-Demand’s A-Class looked pretty good…

 photo P1020968.jpg

But i think Fairy-Design’s widebodied car had them beat in terms of visual pow-wow!

 photo P1020780.jpg


 photo P1030125.jpg

Over at the official Mercedes-Benz booth, they brought along a Kei car.

 photo P1050020.jpg

Speaking of Kei-cars, don’t you just love it that this Caterham slots into the Kei-car scheme as well? I need one of these in my life. Perfect for those supper runs.

 photo P1020982.jpg

With the Defender now out of production, interest (and values) of this British icon has strangely skyrocketed.

 photo P1020952.jpg

 photo P1020986.jpg

I’m sure we will be seeing more Defenders in future Auto Salons.

 photo P1040917.jpg

 photo P1040919.jpg

Volvo tuners ERST gave the new XC90 their understated touch.

 photo P1020955.jpg

As well as some interesting goodies for Volvo owners. There’s something for everyone!

 photo P1040921.jpg

They also brought along a black XC90 just for kicks.

 photo P1060083.jpg

Over at VW’s booth, everyone seemed to be interested in this GTI by COX.

 photo P1060099.jpg

I wonder why…

 photo P1060093.jpg

It was nice to see a manufacturer embrace the tuner culture by having tuned cars on their booth.

 photo P1040149.jpg

This one though was sited quite far aways, yes, another creation by Kei Miura-san of Tra-Kyoto/Rocket Bunny/Pandem. These boxy-era cars sure take to the wide-body box flared look really well don’t you think?

 photo P1030031.jpg

And finishing off Part 1, here’s the i-Robot film inspired TT we saw years ago.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where the bling bling really starts!

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