Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Star Road’s Skyline 2000GT

Japanese Nostalgic specialist Star Road brought along a couple of lovely retro machines to the Tokyo Auto Salon but this was my favourite, not just amongst Star Road’s cars but pretty much of one my favourites for the entire show. And judging by the constant crowds surrounding the car throughout the day, i’m sure many felt the same way.

 photo P1050169.jpg

Going against the grain in a sea of widebodied conversions, Inoue-san of Star Road have kept the original lines of this Hakosuka while injecting some of their custom flavour. I wonder how many original uncut Hakosukas are still around, with so many converted into GTR clones i doubt there’s much left.

 photo P1050162.jpg

Which is such a pity because just look at that beautiful and iconic surf line above the rear wheels. So lovely, so stunning, so clean. Such a beautiful line. You can almost imagine the satisfaction the original designer must have felt after pulling his pencil across a sheet of paper to create that lovely crease in the bodywork.

 photo P1050184.jpg

 photo P1050173.jpg

Beautiful Glow Star wheels sitting proud.

 photo P1050165.jpg

Perfect. Just perfect.

 photo P1050174.jpg

 photo P1050180.jpg

 photo P1050188.jpg

For those who DO prefer the overfendered look, they also brought along an S30 in a very beautiful shade of grey.

Will Star Road’s uncut Hakosuka set a trend for future builds to follow? One that preserves the original lines of these nostalgic cars in lieu of massive over fenders. I guess we will have to wait and see…

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