Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Option Magazine’s Tuning Car Meeting

For the past few years, with the rise of aesthetic mods and high-end motors taking centerstage at the Tokyo Auto Salon, those wanting a taste of true blue authentic JDM tuning goodness were happily catered for in a special event space located just next to the main halls. With a lovely selection of vehicles specially curated by THE JDM tuning periodical, Option magazine.

 photo P1040697.jpg

Each year Option puts together a fantastic group of cars to showcase with some years having specific themes. This year’s theme, “Tuning Car Meeting”, sounded rather generic though. At least it seems to cover all bases.

 photo P1040698.jpg

For some strange reason, this new Beetle managed to sneak in. It was the only import car in this hall and it did make me wonder what was under the hood.

 photo P1040700.jpg

We mentioned it before in a previous post but i guess it’s worth repeating, when it comes to cult sports cars, no other Japanese manufacturer comes close to Nissan.

 photo P1040704.jpg

This rather wild S30 is from Star Road.

 photo P1040703.jpg

 photo P1040727.jpg

Looks fantastic from this angle.

 photo P1040803.jpg

Star Road’s own in-house designed wheels, the Glow Star. Expensive.

 photo P1040711.jpg

Another S30 but taking to yet another extreme, this looks ready to hit the track!

 photo P1040708.jpg

 photo P1040710.jpg

 photo P1040713.jpg

Spec sheet reveals a worked on L28 and other goodies inside to make it go fast!

 photo P1040724.jpg

Biggest wing in the hall i reckon.

 photo P1040736.jpg

And yet again another S30, this time also built for the track but with a more old-school approach.

 photo P1040738.jpg

 photo P1040733.jpg

Yes, once again from Star Road.

 photo P1040746.jpg

 photo P1040735.jpg

Check out those cut-out vents. Would you ever take a knife to your S30 if you had one now?

 photo P1040716.jpg

With prices of S30s, Hakosukas and Kenmeris hitting record highs, it could only mean one thing, every other old Japanese car’s value were soon to follow. Case in point, these DR30/R31 Skylines, a previously overlooked and almost unwanted generation of Nissan’s flagship Coupe. Now, just flip through Nostalgic Hero or Hachimaru Hero and take a look at their current asking prices.

 photo P1040719.jpg

 photo P1040722.jpg

With shops willing to drop coin to rebuild these cars back up, if you’ve always been lusting after one of these boxy cars, you’d best be quick!

 photo P1040728.jpg

TE37V wheels, of course.

 photo P1040729.jpg

This one’s immaculate!

 photo P1040744.jpg

Speaking of immaculate examples, an FD RX7 might not be the oldest car out there but guess what? It’s been over 20 years since the car first launched. It still looks amazingly good don’t you think? What beautiful styling.

 photo P1040748.jpg

This FD looked stunning and hardly used!

 photo P1040767.jpg

 photo P1040769.jpg

 photo P1040772.jpg

Going back to Nissans, here’s probably one of the wildest S-chassis cars ever made. I think we’ve seen it sporting a different look on previous years and it seems to be always evolving.

 photo P1040770.jpg

Just in case you were wondering what it started out life as.

 photo P1040785.jpg

 photo P1040777.jpg


 photo P1040774.jpg

Check out those louvers on the rear quarter window.

 photo P1040778.jpg

 photo P1040779.jpg

Need a closer look? 😛

 photo P1040781.jpg

Inside, it looks the business, this is no show car, the owner takes it out for sideways action regularly. Maaaad… Just Maaaad……

 photo P1040765.jpg

Next to the purple S13, this pink car now looks rather sedate.

 photo P1040788.jpg

R34, looks like a GTT dori dori machine.

 photo P1040760.jpg

No, not really… Mad engine bay though!

 photo P1040762.jpg

This is a Chaser with an Audi face! Audier? Auhaser?

 photo P1040764.jpg

Just in case you didn’t believe me, here’s the spec sheet.

 photo P1040797.jpg

Another dori dori machine.

 photo P1040800.jpg

 photo P1040823.jpg

R35s. One taking things less seriously than the other.

 photo P1040791.jpg

N-Labs reworked their S660 Neo Concept for the Auto Salon and came up with this gem of a Kei Car.

 photo P1040794.jpg

Stunning! Honda needs to make this a production car!!!

 photo P1040796.jpg

Love the rear treatment, very reminiscent of some old Japanese sports cars, which i guess was the intention.

 photo P1040809.jpg

 photo P1040811.jpg

Yeap, that’s a perspex engine cover on this R32.

 photo P1040814.jpg

Garage Saurus’ R32. Looking great and most probably a fearsome speed machine.

 photo P1040818.jpg

 photo P1040815.jpg

This R32 has both a Supercharger and Turbocharger plumbed into its engine.

 photo P1040817.jpg

Feed’s FD.

 photo P1040820.jpg

And finishing off with yet another Nissan, here’s Power House Amuse’s Z33.

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