Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Nissan

Now that we’ve got Toyota out of the way, let’s head over to the cars from Nissan. While Toyota might be the biggest automobile manufacturer from Japan, when it comes to naming the most famous speed machine from the land of the rising sun, there can only be one and only, Godzilla, the Nissan GT-R. With this being the home-country of the GT-R, there were plenty of GT-Rs on show throughout the halls of Makuhari Messe, all in various states of tune. Here are just a few i captured.

 photo P1030209.jpg

A Nismo GT-R sitting dormant in Dixcel’s booth.

 photo P1030330.jpg

Aimgain’s widebody treatment. Not a big fan of the color though.

 photo P1030364.jpg

Also on the widebody wagon was VLENE’s R35.

 photo P1030469.jpg

I don’t really know how to feel about this R35 featured at Lexani wheel’s booth. Not really my cup of tea.

 photo P1040188.jpg

Not entirely a widebody treatment but Rowen’s (Tommy Kaira) car had slightly flared arches.

 photo P1040839.jpg

 photo P1040835.jpg

When a GT-R sports Porsche Killer tags, you better believe it!

 photo P1050293.jpg

HKS Kansai showing how good the R35 can look with just a good choice of wheels, some lowering and some tasteful stickers. All sans additional body cladding.

 photo P1050289.jpg

 photo P1050287.jpg

But if you prefer, they did have really good looking GT-R with some tasty Varis parts.

 photo P1050155.jpg

This was where the Godzilla lore pretty much began. The R32. Tra Kyoto’s car was sporting a brand new custom set of overfenders.

 photo P1030706.jpg

For many of us who grew up as the Playstation Generation, i think this really was the pinnacle of the series.

 photo P1030718.jpg

Despite experimenting with various other chassis setups, it seems Nomuken will be back to the tried and tested R34 platform. Though it looks like he’ll be going for the coupe instead of his signature sedan style.

 photo P1060341.jpg

Since we are onto drift cars, perhaps one of, if not the most successful and popular platform for cars specially built to go sideways has to be the S-chassis cars. With just a few years to go before the earliest cars turn 20, S15s are still winning drifting championships.

 photo P1030700.jpg

 photo P1030701.jpg

Kazama auto always has some nice cars to look at. Those people in the back look familiar. I think i’ve seen them in a Hot Version video somewhere.

 photo P1030735.jpg

A rather “unique” looking Varietta. Fun fact is many people don’t seem to know Nissan actually built this car!

 photo P1030716.jpg

 photo P1030721.jpg

Yo-Kai watch itasha liveried S15 from G-Corporation.

 photo P1040182.jpg

 photo P1030785.jpg

With so much popularity for the GT-Rs and Silvias, it’s easy to miss out of the Fairlady. Quite sad that there does not seem to be a successor to the 370Z on the horizon. I really don’t think increasing the engine capacity for every iteration is going to help. They really should look back at what made the original car so very much loved.

 photo P1050926.jpg

S13 wearing a Rocket Bunny body. Looks good.

 photo P1060132.jpg

We saw this a few years back but i think it’s worth another look. An Autech Stagea from Takeros.

 photo P1060130.jpg

Stagea body + GTR34 engine/running gear = dream of many petrol heads! For those wondering where’s Top Secret’s VR32, don’t worry, i’ve saved that for later!

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