TOKYO AUTO SALON 2017: Toyota / Lexus

I could think of no better way to kick off our TAS2017 coverage than a showcase of machines from Japan’s largest automotive manufacturer, Toyota. Unlike last years flashy showcase which had a more street vibe, the big boys from Aichi were all business this time. Bringing along a bevy of cars showcasing much of their racing pedigree. From championship machines from yesteryear to cars built to conquer races that have yet to come.

 photo P1020447.jpg

TS050 Hybrid from the World Endurance Racing series. While we all know that #6 was the car that eventually made it to the second place podium during last year’s LeMans race, i really did wish to see the #5 car instead. Hopefully Toyota will be able to get the win this year.

 photo P1020477.jpg

The Gazoo Racing Yaris WRC was attracting quite a lot of onlookers.

 photo P1020452.jpg

 photo P1020448.jpg

Toyota’s latest baby, the CH-R crossover (urgh) was EVERYWHERE. Here it is getting a proper rally treatment. No idea where they are going with this but hey, racecar!

 photo P1020480.jpg

No Toyota rally showcase wouldn’t be complete without their classic heroes right? They totally didn’t hold back and brought along these trio of championship winning Celicas.

 photo P1020479.jpg

1985 Safari Rally winning TA64.

 photo P1020486.jpg

ST165 Gr.A, piloted by Juha Kankkunen grabbed its first win in the Australian Rally in 1989. And a year later, Toyota began their fierce head-to-head battle with Lancia for WRC dominance.

 photo P1020483.jpg

The most successful individual model in Toyota’s rallying history, the ST185, clocked 15 WRC wins in the 2 years it was campaigned. With a very impressive 1-2-3-4 finish during the 1993 Safari Rally. It was during the ST185’s reign when Lancia sadly stopped all official WRC activities but eagerly awaiting to take their place were the boys in blue from Subaru.

 photo P1020496.jpg

 photo P1020492.jpg

Not content with letting Toyota have all the fun, Lexus also brought along their competition cars to the Auto Salon. Like this RCF GT3.

 photo P1020503.jpg

 photo P1020493.jpg

But of course, all eyes (and cameras) were on its successor, the LC500.

 photo P1020494.jpg

 photo P1020498.jpg

 photo P1020501.jpg

Built to compete in the GT500 division of Super GT, its eye catching chequered carbon pattern looked mean and badass.

 photo P1020526.jpg

Also at the Lexus booth that morning was a certain personality i’m sure we all know.

 photo P1060129.jpg

 photo P1020834.jpg

 photo P1030847.jpg

TRD, Sard and Cusco also brought along their rally machines to join in the race car festivities.

 photo P1030887.jpg

 photo P1030884.jpg

On the more street-oriented scene, Cusco had a fantastic looking 86 wearing some winter warpaint.

 photo P1020454.jpg

86 something something limited edition…

 photo P1030332.jpg

Aimgain’s new GT widebody kit for the facelifted 86.

 photo P1030707.jpg

Ings’ 86 going the more traditional tuner route sans widebody.

 photo P1030710.jpg

If you ever wanted a signed Hachiroku and girl calendar.

 photo P1050952.jpg

AQM had an 86 with a rather different front clip. Not bad really.

 photo P1200414.jpg

Solid & Joker’s 86. Though the Integra behind looked more interesting.

 photo P1030068.jpg

From past rally rivals, Toyota and Subaru have teamed up to create the Toyobaru 86/BRZ. But because Subaru had shit lighting, i didn’t get much pictures in. Sorry…

 photo P1200403.jpg

 photo P1060214.jpg

 photo P1060179.jpg

As i mentioned above, Toyota’s new CH-R was pretty much everywhere and every major tuner had at least one on display. Of course i’m not too fond of crossovers so i skipped through most of ’em. But here’s a few, from Blitz, T-Demand and Modellista.

 photo P1060170.jpg

 photo P1060173.jpg

Modellista also brought along an i-Road. I need one of these things. I wish such concepts could prove to be a reality one day for the daily commute, but unless city designs change, i seriously doubt they’d ever catch on on our present-day roads.

 photo P1040933.jpg

I love Crowns. This one’s an Athlete from Car Sense Brand.

 photo P1020509.jpg

 photo P1020511.jpg

Work wheels also had a Crown on display, sitting on some tasty wheels.

 photo P1030221.jpg

This 80s Cressida wagon was packing some major sound audio.

 photo P1030218.jpg

 photo P1030222.jpg

I’m guessing they are not going for the “original” look.

 photo P1030225.jpg

Not your everyday Mark-X.

 photo P1030183.jpg

Prius’ (Priii?) seem to still have some popularity with the dress up crowd. The reverse mount split wheels seem to be becoming a trend too.

 photo P1030170.jpg

 photo P1030166.jpg

Still somewhat niche in the car-scene but Vanning still enjoys considerable support from the community. With T-style going for the trendy widebody look.

 photo P1030390.jpg

Yes the CyberJapan girls show up at K-Break’s booth every now and then. Chaos regularly ensues.

 photo P1030384.jpg

Since we are at K-Break’s booth, let’s take a look at their widebody Lexus LS. Any idea who are the guys behind it? Give up?

 photo P1040968.jpg

All the World needs, is more Liberty!

 photo P1030356.jpg

 photo P1030353.jpg

I thought the IS250s at the Forzato booth were pretty cool. Not because of their wide flared arches but come around the back…

 photo P1030352.jpg

A little carrier for your moped! How cool is that? No idea if they’ll stay mounted on bumpy roads though.

 photo P1030033.jpg

Aimgain’s RCF slammed.

 photo P1020832.jpg

A more mild visual tune from Sard.

 photo P1030036.jpg

 photo P1030038.jpg

Novel also brought a really great looking pair of Lexus F-cars. That blue hue is stunning.

 photo P1030341.jpg

Menacing black GS-F sitting at Weds wheel’s booth.

 photo P1030362.jpg

Also at Weds was their RCF racer.

 photo P1030994.jpg

 photo P1030987.jpg

TOM’s also had some great looking Lexus F-cars on display.

 photo P1030991.jpg

I especially liked this GS-F.

 photo P1030983.jpg

 photo P1030996.jpg

Then the girls came out and there was no chance of getting close to the cars anymore…

 photo P1020852.jpg

 photo P1020855.jpg

A pair of LX’s from Double Eight with the white one sporting some flared arches.

 photo P1030188.jpg

In case you need a little bit more off-roading capability than what a Lexus LX can provide.

 photo P1060410.jpg

 photo P1060412.jpg

An interesting spray-on finish. Maybe would work well with my outdoor furniture.

 photo P1060273.jpg

 photo P1060348.jpg

There aren’t that many Mk IV Supras on display nowadays so it’s still nice to see them occasionally.

 photo P1060346.jpg

This one’s for sale too!


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