Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Mazda, Honda and the NSX

With the latest NSX finally hitting the streets only recently, there were not that many on display. But there will always be a handful of tuners who have gotten their orders for these Hybrid wonders early in the game and now have cars to showcase.

 photo P1030325.jpg

 photo P1030335.jpg

Wasting no time, Aimgain immediately slammed their car all the way down and gave it some mild aero tweaks.

 photo P1030075.jpg

Going for even more visual Pow-Wow were the crew from Forgiato, giving their car the full gold chrome treatment.

 photo P1020671.jpg

 photo P1020667.jpg

 photo P1020670.jpg

 photo P1020672.jpg

With the NSX so new and full of high-tech gadgetry, i’m guessing most mods we’ll see in the near future will be solely based on aesthetics. Who knows when and if ever anyone will be able to tap into that advanced hybrid drivetrain. But then again, when the R35 was first released, some people mentioned it would be untunable.

 photo P1200370.jpg

 photo P1200377.jpg

 photo P1050402.jpg

Noblesse’s car was very mild in comparison. I can’t even tell if anything’s been added. It was LHD and wearing an Acura badge though, perhaps it was easier getting this shipped in from the States than buying one locally?

 photo P1030289.jpg

At Honda’s booth, visitors could get into the NSX for a feel of the interior. There was a rather long line about 20 minutes deep and with so many more things to see, i gave it a miss.

 photo P1030295.jpg

 photo P1030294.jpg

Signatures on one of the cars at Honda’s booth.

 photo P1050333.jpg

Will the new Civic Type-R ever reach the same cult status as the JDM cars that came before? I’m not too sure it will. It might have the power and the track records, but i think some of the Type-R spirit was lost when it became a more “euro-centric” car, even forgoing its signature championship white paint as the “hero” color.

 photo P1030190.jpg

Even the Odyssey is getting into the widebody game.This one looking more sculpted and less tacked on.

 photo P1040198.jpg

With so much buzz surrounding the new MX-5/Miata/Roadsters from Mazda, much less people were paying attention to the rotary rockets that made the brand so loved amongst us speedhunters. This FD was looking especially good, i do think the FD is the best looking of all the RX7s. Still doesn’t get old.

 photo P1050330.jpg

 photo P1050328.jpg

Another FD but in a much higher state of tune. The Mad Bull.

 photo P1050530.jpg

Another mean machine, this time from Scoot.

 photo P1200412.jpg

The booth around legendary Rotary tuners RE Amemiya felt a litle subdued this year. How about a Rotaried Roadster RF next year?

 photo P1030336.jpg

Speaking of Roadsters, with the NAs gaining so much popularity recently, is it finally the NB’s time to shine? I sure think so!

 photo P1060299.jpg

I think this was an NC Roadster, pretty hard to tell after all the custom bodywork done by Ducks Garden!


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