An Auto-Otaku in Munich 2022: Street spotting

Welp! It looks like this is my final post for my lovely Munich Springtime trip roundup! Whilst admittedly I did not set about doing much street spotting, I still managed to capture quite a few interesting autos just walking around town. So without further ado, here are the cars of Munchen.

A lovely pair of blacked-out BMW droptops. M8 Cabriolet or Z4 M40i? I’d take the bigger one.

Of course, I couldn’t not take a picture of our M850i Gran Coupe. Such a lovely motor to thunder down the legendary German highways.

Munich being Munich, there are usually some interesting cars just sitting idly by.

While a Rolls Royce Wraith or Ferrari Superfast is sure to tickle the fancy of many a young car nut, I found myself gravitating more towards this old short wheel-based W126. In a beautiful shade of green no less! It looked really clean and well looked after. Lovely spec.

Another one I reckon most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid at, an E30 Touring. This didn’t look like an ordinary Touring though, with tough TUV regulations forbidding frivolous modifications by their owners, this was most likely a real deal Hartge built special. Sadly, it rolled by too quickly for me to get a clear shot.

Even the popo rolls around in style. Bonus EQS photobomb.

And because it’s Germany, you can bet there’ll be an air-cooled around.

More air-cooleds but with two-wheels instead. Pretty cool to see what people do with the BMW nine-t bikes, they lend themselves to customisation so well!

And here’s one last parting shot! Thanks for reading! Until next time, auf wiedersehen!

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