Chill Cars: #Notcars&kopi

First and foremost, this is, sadly, not a Cars & Kopi meet. While the ongoing restrictions brought upon us by the Covid Pandemic have been relaxed to quite an extent, there is still a legal limit to the maximum number of participants an “unofficial” event like a car meet can have (10), but considering that this limit had been capped at 5 for the longest period, It was really nice to once again meet up with like-minded friends, have brekkie and talk cars over a (very) smol car gathering (just 7 of us) after an almost 2 years hiatus.

With other smaller groups doing the same on a lovely Sunday morning, it was a welcomed sight indeed. Welcome to #NotCars&Kopi.

Once again I was early so I did what auto otakus do when given some free time. Take pictures of their own rides. I haven’t really done much else to the Mark II since the last post save for a small new accessory. You probably can’t guess what it is.

Kitty-chan’s back!!! This one’s a custom piece from Etsy, not that anyone really bothers. I know, I know, you hate it but it makes me laugh so it’s staying. JDM yo.

Cars & Cat. Probably eyeballing me wondering what was I up to with my Kitty tsurikawa.

Soon, friends started rolling in with some chill rides.

Beautiful period Nardi in the Mercedes TE.

Then this Morgan Plus4 arrived as the newest but oldest-looking car of the bunch.

2-litres of pure BMW turbo power.

Mated to a 6-speed manual! Tasteful (but very expensive!).

One of the highlights of the morning for me was this Toyota BJ60 Landcruiser sitting next to a vintage MG Y-Type.

It doesn’t get any more chill than this classic off-roader.

It even smells like how you’d imagine an old Toyota Landcruiser would smell.

Perfect colour and wheel combination too. While it might dwarf the EF Civic sitting alongside, it’s really not that sizable by modern-day SUV standards. What it lacks in girth, tech, power and safety, it more than makes up for with its overflowing charm and character. I wish I had one.

There were quite a number of interesting rides from other groups out for breakfast too, while both of these might not have been as loved back in the day, they are now getting the appreciation they deserve. Bonus points for keeping the NB clean and stock.

Speaking of clean and stock, it’s been a really long time since I last saw an unmolested E89. Granted it has the wrong wheels but at least the owner’s keeping it OEM.

A team of Cavallinos also pulled in after their morning run. While the 328 does look slightly fussier than the perfectly penned 308, it’s still a marvellous piece of automotive art I yearned for, ever since I was but a wee lad.

Something looks slightly off with that blue one though.

My other highlight for the morning was this historical Aston Martin. Having little to zero knowledge of cars from this period I shall not shame myself with my attempts to identify it but safe to say, it was absolutely stunning and visually spotless. I can’t imagine how much time the owner must have spent cleaning it!

You don’t need anyone telling you you’re too cool for school when you roll in a pre-war Aston Martin.
How very very lovely and special indeed.

With the heavens that had up till then mercifully held up (even though online forecasts predicted otherwise) now starting to show signs of letting go, it was time for us to bid each other farewell as we headed home once again after this small but very significant meet.

Let’s hope we can all meet again very soon. Stay safe, stay legal.

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