An Auto-Otaku in Stuttgart 2021: Visiting the Mercedes-Benz museum Part 3

As impressive as the rest of the museum is, there is one hall in particular that I’d reckon for those of us who live and breathe cars, is simply jaw-dropping. Filled with automotive legends and magical machines that have triumphed in competition, the hall of the silver arrows.

I’m pretty sure that on any other day, in any other given situation, just seeing a single example of any vehicle here would make any enthusiast’s day. To see them all grouped together was quite simply, breathtaking.

Don’t drop me baby.

Instant poetry.

Best era of racing? I wouldn’t object to that.

Imagine the cacophony of notes if all of them started up at the same time.

There was a lot of silverware.

Where old meets new.

If all this looks a little overwhelming, you’d be right. At the end of my tour through the museum, I was exhausted! But what a way to conclude the visit.

As I headed back down into the main lobby after more than 4 hours of walking through the exhibits (and still not covering everything), there were still some marvellous machines to look at on my escalator journey down. Like the absolutely beautiful Rotary powered C111.

Along with a 190E Cossie just casually hanging on the wall.

With my museum walk finally completed, it was time to head to the gift shop!

Just like the BMW Welt and Porsche museum, the Mercedes-Benz museum giftshop was chock-full of memorabilia dedicated to the marque, not surprisingly, it is also the largest gift-shop amongst the three. Here are some of the goodies in store.

Models range from cheap(ish) toys to relatively affordable diecast pieces to…

…handcrafted pieces that’s worth more than some actual cars.

I’m not kidding. But I guess if you HAD a real 300SL Gullwing sitting in your garage, this would be chump change no? Though with quite a wide range of souvenirs, there’s pretty much something for everyone. I grabbed a T-shirt and the Mercedes-Benz wackeldackel I had been eyeing for the longest time!

With my museum visit now finally ended, it was time to head back into town to enjoy my last few hours of Stuttgart. While there is a restaurant and cafe within the museum, I opted to head elsewhere since the food offered didn’t really look that interesting, unlike Christophorus.

Back in town, my lunch was at Poffers Café. A lovely little cafe serving up some superb fluffy, mini Dutch pancakes. I am totally missing it so much now. It was so good. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend it.

Since I had already checked out of my hotel before venturing out in the morning, I spent my remaining time in Stuttgart taking in the lovely sights one last time. The weather was fantastic. Thank you Stuttgart, you have been a great place to visit but It’s time to head back into Munchen.

As my train ride back into Munchen was mostly in the evening, there wasn’t really much to look at. It was a relatively quiet journey too with few other people on board.

It was already getting late as my train pulled in, and with another short train ride to my next hotel, there really was only one choice for dinner.

McD’s. I hope you liked my very short Stuttgart adventure! I’d love to go back once again.

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