Project Mark II: Let’s go!

Yes ladies and gents, my (really dirty) Toyota GX110 Mark II is somewhat going to be a project car. I say somewhat because this “build” other than the usual wear and tear maintenance bits is going to be heavily restricted by an ideally “modest” budget.

Don’t expect it to be anywhere near what the BMW 2002 is going through, this car is going to be a doggo carrier after-all! Also, I can’t afford spending another small fortune rebuilding a car.

These protective seat covers sure work great at transporting wheels! Yup, those replica BBS mesh wheels have got to go!

Before anything begins I figured I’d tale some pictures of the “before” state of things. As you can see, little old Mark II (what name shall I give her? Marcella? Marcy? Maru-chan?) has surely seen much much better days (all those specks on the car isn’t rain, it’s dirt!), something I hope to rectify in due time along with some “enhancements”.

For now, she’ll be sitting at R2D for some TLC over the next week or so. Yes, both my cars are now out of commission. Buy an old car they said, it’ll be fun they said.

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