Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Top Secret’s VR32 GT-R

During the duration of the Auto Salon, there were some notable cars that, even without the allure of scantily clad models, had a constant stream of crowds surrounding them. Top Secret’s VR32 was one of those cars.

 photo P1060363.jpg

No stranger to wild and powerful builds, the latest creation from local hero Smokey Nagata and his Top Secret team takes pretty much everything that makes a GTR35 tick and shoehorning them all into an R32 chassis.

 photo P1060354.jpg

Specs were not on show but with Smokey behind the build, you can be sure this is no longer running on factory power levels.

 photo P1060365.jpg

Some internet sleuthing from Speedhunters does reveal a few tasty tidbits of information. Power comes from a Top Secret built VR38DETT and even the tranaxle gearbox has made its way into this iconic chassis. Brakes have also been ported over along with the entire interior that was custom fitted into this older car.

 photo P1060369.jpg

With so much work going into it, i won’t be surprised if pretty much EVERYTHING from the R35 has gone in.

 photo P1060371.jpg

Look at that R35/R32 hybrid interior!

 photo P1060391.jpg

 photo P1060396.jpg

 photo P1060388.jpg

I’m guessing the rear deck is what most drivers will see when this machine hits the wangan.

 photo P1060383.jpg

With the car still wearing its development white paint, we wonder what else lies in store for this build.

 photo P1060389.jpg

After 4 years of Tokyo Auto Salons, i finally got to meet the man himself! Go Smokey!!!

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