TOKYO AUTO SALON 2017: Prologue

Now that i’m done with covering Fresh Meet 2017, it’s onto the big event. Tokyo Auto Salon 2017. But before we start with the extensive coverage, here’s a brief overview.

 photo P1020309.jpg

But of course before we start, it’s always a good idea to grab some energy. On previous trips, all i’ve ever ate were some rice balls from the local combini, but this time, i decided to take it easy and have some proper food. Makuhari Messe station has a pretty good departo inside with some nice options for breakfast. Cheap too!

 photo P1020317.jpg

I think this must be my fourth year walking through the massively vast halls of Mukuhari Messe. Many have asked if i’m ever bored of this event and if i’m to be perfectly honest, sometimes i do feel that way.

 photo P1020320.jpg

Personally, i think it partly has to do with how this event has evolved over time. As manufacturers and tuners seek to present their very best, the types of cars showcased have evolved from domestics you might one day have or already have, into a bevy of European exotics that most of us can only dream of. Of course, there are still plenty of relatable and awesome JDM and European builds on display but if this year is any indication, it seems big budget builds are here to stay.

 photo P1020321.jpg

Or maybe, i’m just an old fashioned hipster refusing to move on with the times. Regardless, once the big doors to the show open, any feelings of boredom are promptly kicked out, never to return (until next year maybe).

 photo P1020316.jpg

Riding the escalators down still excites me every year. It’s time to fire up the cameras and get moving! In the video, the show floor still looks somewhat empty as it was Friday morning and it was mostly the media bunch roaming around. Once lunchtime hits, the doors open for the general public.

 photo P1020311.jpg

Which meant, i was able to get some wheel time in Gran Turismo Sport ahead of everyone else. It wasn’t bad, graphics were beautiful as always and the sounds were much improved. Unfortunately, the rig i played on was somewhat faulty with a buggy speaker system which cut out every now and then, making it difficult to drive-by-ear. The force feedback was also especially weak on my setup, i’m hoping it’ll improve before release. Still, i don’t see it as something that will get me to buy a PS4. Especially now that the console seems to be near the end of its lifespan.

 photo P1050902.jpg

A VR setup was also available for play but the line was massively long, so i opted out.

 photo P1020456.jpg

 photo P1020527.jpg

Getting in early also allows us to have a look at what the other media crews were up to. Look who’s there!

 photo P1030392.jpg

And of course being in the halls before everyone else meant less crowds jostling for mascot photos! Oh wait… wrong mascot…

 photo P1030887.jpg

 photo P1030847.jpg

Here you go… We’ll do a most extensive post on this topic much later ok?

 photo P1030263.jpg

Motul had a small complimentary bar setup for those weary from trekking the halls. Loved it. Thank you Motul!

 photo P1060456.jpg

Yes, Fast and Furious 8 is called Ice Break in Japan. I can’t tell if this is better than The Fate of the Furious.

 photo P1040010.jpg

 photo P1030983.jpg

 photo P1060454.jpg

I stayed for slightly longer this year and tried to cover as much as i could. In the end, after multiple batteries and multiple SD cards, i decided to head back into town on Saturday evening. Once again i missed out on the outdoor showcase area, but hey! I made it through the carpark!

 photo P1060457.jpg

Was i all automobile-ed out at the end of these two days? You betcha. Will i return? Perhaps. But having had a taste of the Mooneyes HotRod show, i’d really like to try out other events. Now, let’s get started with TAS 2017 coverage!


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