Project 944: Research and contemplation

As mentioned in a previous posting, 944s in Singapore are incredibly scarce so stumbling upon one even in a scrapyard is nothing something that happens everyday. Which makes seeing these two here rather heartbreaking. Now i’d have to warn you, the following pictures might be disturbing to some readers. Still with me? Here we go…

 photo DSC_0002_1.jpg

 photo DSC_0005_2.jpg

How did i stumble upon these two broken dreams? Well, it’s not much of a story, i pretty much drive pass these cars whenever i’m on the road home. Situated just off a main highway, i’d steal a glance every time i drive by and had always wanted to just take some time off to have a look. Well, today’s the day. The rain that had been falling on a daily basis stopped and there was still ample sunlight. A quick 5-10 minutes was all i needed.

 photo DSC_0012_1.jpg

Both cars looked sad but the one up front was definitely much worse for wear.

 photo DSC_0008_2.jpg

The interior was mostly gone and the chassis was exposed to our unforgiving elements.

 photo DSC_0016_1.jpg

Yes that’s a lime green smashed up GTR in front.

 photo DSC_0007_2.jpg

It also had a strange semi-convereted 968  front end. Perhaps it was someone’s project at a point in time.

 photo DSC_0017_1.jpg

Rear hatch was delaminating off. Seems to be a common problem for 944s left out in the open.

 photo DSC_0024_1.jpg

The car behind wasn’t fairing too well but looked to be in slightly better shape. No intercooler but the badge out back does say “Turbo S”.

 photo DSC_0015_1.jpg

 photo DSC_0021_1.jpg

IU unit implies that this was a locally registered car once.

 photo DSC_0023_1.jpg

Quite hard to see but the interior seemed to be mostly intact and what looked to be a RS or RUF steering wheel inside.

 photo DSC_0022_1.jpg

Some relics in the boot and a spoiler that’s done channeling air, now it just collects rainwater and breed mosquitos.

 photo DSC_0013_2.jpg

While the wheels and brakes on both cars look salvageable, there are no leads on who owns these cars, so i guess they will continue to sit there abandoned. The remnants of dreams now forgotten.

 photo DSC_0019_1.jpg

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